Where will the famous 'Robsten', 'Jelena' and 'Milesworth' duo be spending their Valentine's Day?


Bouquet of roses, expensive chocolates, the finest jewelry and top class restaurant reservations are just a few things that would make any Valentine's Day remarkable. However, for Hollywood celebrity couples, it's simply all about spending the day together. So what do the most popular couples namely the Robsten, Jelena and Milesworth duo have in mind?

Despite her recent split with her band and the constant pressure of filming for a lot of movies this year, Selena Gomez still manages to make time for her equally busy boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

These youngsters prove that distance is no issue. A few weeks had passed when Bieber flew a thousand miles just to spend dinner and the night with Gomez at her Rio concert.  Now that they're finally on the same continent, both have once again started going on their innumerable dates.

The adorable duo stepped out yesterday and enjoyed a pre-valentine's day date at New York's Chanpen Thai Cuisine. That isn't the only swoon worthy news: Selena Gomez sent out a tweet dated February 12 with a photo of her wearing a diamond ring in the shape of a J. Are these tell-tale signs of his next gift being an engagement ring?

Next celebrity couple that Hollywood has got its eyes on would be Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus. Though the two might have had an on-off and on again relationship, these two are now closer and stronger than ever.

They've been recently spotted making out in broad day light and walking hand in hand to grab lunch. If Justin got his "Mamacita Gomez" one shiny and sparkly diamond ring, what would "Hunger Games" hunk, Liam be getting for his girl? He should look no further than the nearest pet store. Miley sent out a tweet yesterday about what she might want to get this Valentine's Day.

"I know I shouldn't even be thinking about more puppies right no but I realllyyyy want a golden lab :D," tweeted the singer.

Liam could think of it as returning a favor since Miley did go through all the trouble of giving him a sweet little puppy by the name of Ziggy. No news where these two will be spending their Heart's Day but chances are there would be a lot of puppies included.

"Twilight" fans go gaga over the news of the famous Robsten duo and they'd go even more gaga if news about these super private couple's Valentine's Day plans spread out. The two were spotted getting cozy at Los Angeles and dinner with a Kristen's mom while rubbing elbows with a few fans.

Despite the nasty rumors about them splitting up, these are nowhere near true. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are stronger than ever. Even "Twilight" co-star, Kellan Lutz, says so. The two are "adorable" and "madly in love."

Fans of these three couples should keep an eye out at Los Angeles or New York. Who knows when and where they'll come out next.

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