Where to Watch Live NFL: Tennessee Titans vs. St. Louis Rams Preview and Live Stream

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In a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIV, the Tennessee Titans and St. Louis Rams go up against each other on Monday morning (Australia time). While the 4:00 am start time might faze viewers in the Eastern Hemisphere, the NFL match-up between two teams stuck at 3-4 and 3-5, respectively, will still be exciting as both teams are out to snap their respective losing streaks.

The Titans started out hot, winning against the Pittsburgh Steelers 16-9, losing to the Houston Texans 24-30 in overtime and winning against the San Diego Chargers and New York Jets to the tune of 20-17 and 38-13, respectively. However, they lost their next three games to the Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, turning their 3-1 record into a 3-4 hole. It can be said, though, that the Titans have been through the worst stretch of their season so far as the Chiefs tote an impressive 8-0 record, the Seahawks are 7-1, and the 49ers, at 6-2, are in the midst of a five-game winning streak.

Contrast this with the Rams' season, and it's easy to see why bettors are putting their money on the Titans. The Rams have a 3-5 record, went 1-3 in their first four games and managed to win only against the 0-8 Jacksonville Jaguars and the 2-5 Texans. However, their latest loss, against the Seahawks, should give them some reason to be optimistic. For only the first time in 2013, the Rams were able to hold their opponents to below 20 points, even taking the lead in the first quarter on a field goal. They desperately need the win if they still want to get back into NFC West contention, and a victory will allow them to focus on their Nov 10 game against the Indianapolis Colts, which are 5-2.

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