Where to Download the 'Flappy Bird' After Being Removed from Google Play and iOS App Store?

By @binibiningkd on

Flappy Bird will flap no more. The relatively new game created by developer Dong Nguyen, topped the Google Play and iOS App Store charts in recent weeks.

Surprisingly, Nguyen removed the app over the weekend but those who have already downloaded the app can keep playing the addictive game. Unfortunately for those who had not bothered to download the game yet, they have now missed their window to download the Flappy Bird from Google Play and iOS App Stores.

According to a recent tweet from Nguyen, "I cannot take this anymore," announcing that he would pull the game form Google Play and iOS Stores, barring further downloads of the Flappy Bird.

Thus, you can no longer download the wildly popular game Flappy Bird through the normal platforms but, if you really wish to have it, don't fret as it appears that the Internet will not allow this popular game to die.

Apparently, the Internet is not ready to let go of the famous Flappy Bird. In fact, those mourning the loss of the Flappy Bird have two options to enjoy the game again. Truth is, iPhone users can still access the App by checking the "purchased" tab in the App Store.

For non-iPhone users, smartphones with the Flappy Bird pre-installed are selling on eBay. However, you must be ready to break the bank as some phones with the Flappy Bird app are currently selling for thousands of dollars on eBay.

For the more adventurous, the game is likely available on file-sharing sites like the Kickass Torrents and Pirate Bay, offering the Flappy Bird for free. But remember downloading pirated apps is not only illegal but also comes with serious secuirty risks. So use prudence to decide if it is worth the risk or not.

It is usual to find preservationist distributing discontinued and old games but in those cases, original owners have presumably given permission to the new distributors. In this case, however, Nguyen has done no such thing. On Twitter, he further mentioned that he didn't want to sell the game and he'd rather that it just disappear.

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