Where Apple Beats Samsung? iPhone 'Most Desirable' Smartphone, Did iPhone 5c Played a Role?

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If you have to own a high-end phone, what would you choose: iPhone or Samsung? Recent survey said handset users in emerging markets will choose iPhone as the most desirable phone.

The result may be unsurprising since Apple is a consistent leader and innovator of the newest and most powerful devices, cementing its brand as the most credible, creating a worldwide impact whenever it launches a new device.

For the previous years, Samsung has been competing head on with Apple and even battling a patent lawsuit for flagship product Samsung Galaxy S3 among others. Despite Apple's steady sales in the U.S. and Japan, Samsung was able to get a huge chunk of the market share, offering great quality devices in an affordable price that Apple offers.

Samsung Taking the Lead in 2013

After the 2013 summary of smartphone market share highlighted by Forbes in 2013, Samsung had been the top brand in emerging markets such as Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and India. Cutting the price as a major consideration, consumers would prefer the brand among the competition, snatching 32 percent of buyers surveyed who would rather have Samsung in their purchase following Nokia at 22 percent and Apple with 21 percent.

From Third Place, Apple Snatched Top Spot in 2014 Survey

For 2014, a major turnaround for Apple claimed the top spot in a new survey conducted by Upstream and Ovum. Survey showed consumers on the cited countries with the addition of Vietnam and China, where Apple brands sale is low during the past few years, would choose an iPhone if they can afford to buy the brand. This time, Apple was able to get 32 percent of theh market share beating Samsung with 3 percent lead at 29 percent. Nokia said it is still alive taking the third position with 13  percent.

Did iPhone 5c Played a Big Role?

In 2013, speculations arose that Apple will be bringing the brand to the low-end market by releasing a device that they can afford. The launch of iPhone 5c affirmed Apple's goal in tapping the emerging markets, though the price of the device still cater the mid-range customers. Apple made an aggressive boost in its marketing endeavors within these countries, even introducing the iPhone 5c in the social media platform, Tumblr.

Apple may be the "most desirable brand" in the market this year, but beating Samsung's sales worldwide may still be a feat to accomplish considering Samsung's wider list of products that cater people from all income levels.

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