'When Harry Met Sally' Deli Files Lawsuit to Stop Fake Orgasms

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The famous "When Harry Met Sally" Katz's Delicatessen reportedly filed lawsuit on Wednesday, Mar. 12, claiming that the "Katz and Dogz" pastrami truck is deceiving customers through advertising "fake" orgasms.

The romance comedy movie "When Harry Met Sally" is reported to have shot a scene at Katz's Deli where Meg Ryan, playing the role of Reuben, sat at a table to eat sandwich and started having "orgasm."

The film that played the infamous scene received 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. Supposed that the rating meant the majority of viewers had watched the movie and had really enjoyed it, and then it means that a good number of people had also seen Ryan's fake orgasm at the deli.

According to a Haaretz report, with the emergence of Katz and Dogz trucks in 2013, Katz's Deli, coined to be one of the most famous delis in New York City, had decided to file a lawsuit.

The lawsuit filed by Katz's Deli claimed that customers are likely to assume that the deli and the trucks are in some way affiliated, because the deli truck appears to have a sign that says, "Are you ready for the Reuben Orgasm?!"  

Tarek, reported to have identified himself as a Katz and Dogz owner, was reached through phone but declined to give a comment on the lawsuit. Tarek claimed that he had not yet seen the complaint.

According to Tarek, he would like to avoid a lawsuit, but he would not sign any paperwork, either. Tarek called the deli's owners "pushy" and "not polite" when they contacted him.

Katz's owners stated that they, indeed, offered the truck owners a total amount of $7,000 to change its name. The result, however, had not been productive. The truck owners was said to have broken its word before the deal was even finalized.

"Katz wants the food truck permanently garaged," TMZ reported.  "They also want all the money from those delicious -- though undoubtedly greasy -- Reuben Orgasms."

In the 1989 romance comedy movie "When Harry Met Sally," there was a scene when its character Reuben had orgasm and a customer eating at another table told the waiter that she'll have what Reuben's having.

As a result, Katz and Dogz, aside from selling "Reuben Orgasm," also had a placard placed on the table that says, "Where Harry met Sally ... Hope you have what she had!"

The truck sells the same as what the deli sells, according to the lawsuit. There are pastrami, corned beef sandwiches, and other traditional fare. Katz's Deli believed that Katz and Dogz trucks are advertising the orgasm which originally took place in Katz.

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