When is Father's Day: 10 Budget-Friendly and DIY Gift Ideas That Dads Will Absolutely Love

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On June 15, 2014 the world will celebrate Father's Day and it is an opportunity for you to let your dad know what he means to you and your family. A thoughtful token of love can make fathers feel way more loved than an expensive gift. Let him know how great he is with a gift that will show your efforts and tell him that he is cared for. Here are top 10 budget-friendly, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Father's Day gift ideas.

1. Father's Day Greeting Card: One of the best ways to let your father know that you love him is making Do-It-Yourself Father's Day greeting card. Put the creative hat on and think of cool and unique idea to make card that will show your effort and bring a smile on his face. Also, pen a beautiful message for him inside. This gift will definitely fit in your budget.

2. A Book: If your father loves to read books then buy him the one he would love to read. Find out the genre he loves. If he is a traveller, buy him a book about the place he loves the most. If he is a geek, buy him a book about new cool technology. Or if he loves to cook, buy him a recipe book. For techie dads you can even purchase an e-book or an audio book. He is bound to treasure this gift forever.

3. A Toolkit: A basic toolkit makes for a perfect father's day gift idea. It is something that will always help him in difficult life situations.

4. Gadget Cases: Another Budget-Friendly Father's Day gift can be a gadget case. Buy a fancy case that will protect your dad's most valuable gadgets. He is simply going to love this thoughtful gift.

5. A Music CD: Mostly everyone loves music. Compile a CD of his favourite music that he can listen to on the run, in the gym or any other place. Your dad is going to cherish your efforts each time he plays it.

6. A Planner: Fathers often live a hectic lifestyle, with lots of chores to complete in a day. To make his life simpler and organized, buy him a planner where he can jot down all his appointments, things-to-do and plan his days in advance.

7. Surprise Him With his Favourite Meal: One of the best father's day DIY gift ideas is to surprise him with his favourite meal. Take your mother's help and cook everything that he relishes. A special supper will delight him.

8. Personalized Gifts: There are a variety of things available that one can personalize. Pick a white tee and just create something special. You can even gift him personalized magnets, mugs, playing cards and more.

9. A Photo Album: Collect the pictures of your family and create a photo album and present him as a father's day gift. These are the memories that he can store with him forever. One can also opt for digital photo album in USB drives or digital photo keychains. This is an affordable, DIY gift that he can keep with him all the time and look at anytime he feels lonely.

10. Gifts for Dads Who Like to Stay Fit: Even though you can't buy expensive gym equipments for your dads on Father's Day, you can substitute them with some essential items. One of the best yet budget-friendly Father's Day gifts is to buy him gym earphones, some cool towels, gym gloves, a sipper and more. These affordable father's day gifts will definitely make him feel loved and cared for.

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