What's Next In Cloud Architecture Evolution?

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The innovative technology of cloud computing delivers hosted services over the Internet that allows unlimited number of machines to act as one system. With cloud computing, integration of several resources to enable Web site growth, such as RAM space is easy. It makes the creation of virtually "anything" possible from a set of building blocks.

The cloud architecture provides business owners to have full access to their applications and data. They can manage their data in the system for applications such as inventory and payroll. In mobile applications, iCloud by Apple Computer Inc. gives cloud apps and storage for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. It can save videos, photos, documents, music and any data online and sync them with other iOS devices.

The Hybrid Cloud

Even a widespread technology like the cloud has many areas to improve. Infonetics reported the advent of hybrid cloud, which will be "the next big thing" in the data center or the next evolution of the cloud architecture.

With the expected increase of enterprises' implementation by 2015, Infonetics directing analyst for cloud and data center said hybrid cloud offers a chance to network hardware vendors to demonstrate its offerings as part of an environment allowing interoperability among server virtualization, data center platforms and network management, all of these are critical success factors.

Who Needs Hybrid Cloud?

Any enterprise who wants to shift to cloud needs hybrid cloud. While topping the list of reasons companies adopt cloud are performance, cost reduction, agility and scalability, according to the Cloud Service Strategies: North American Enterprise Survey, hybrid cloud ensures these reasons are kept intact. Other findings revealed cloud as a service shall have a large adoption increase from 2013 to 2015.

More than half of the survey respondents thought shifting to cloud requires alternate network vendors and they make rate support and service very vital criteria for selecting a cloud provider, followed by price and experience.

Hybrid Cloud Emerges To Alleviate Past Concerns

While businesses implement cloud because of its scalability and agility, it can also create security, interoperability and other complex concerns similar when iCloud experienced service issues.

Hybrid cloud emerges to alleviate those concerns by giving the right mix of internal controls and scalability to meet the rising demand for IT resources.

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