What's in a Name for "Cocaine"? Drug Charges

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A man in Florida, USA named Edward Cocaine surely lives to his name when he faced with charges for possession of illegal drugs.

The 34-year-old gentleman was busted after the police discovered him with a stash of Xanax.

During his appearance in the Broward County, Florida for his court hearing, his last name definitely caused a stir in the courtroom. The County Judge John "Jay" Hurley had a double take upon hearing his last name.

In a news report from NY Daily News, the defendant proudly said at the podium: "My last name is Cocaine." He then explained that his great-grandparents changed the family's last name to Cocaine when they moved over to America around 1920s.

The judge who could not contain his laughter asked him how many times have he been instructed by the police to step out of the car in his lifetime. To which Cocaine replied jokingly: Just about every time I get pulled over."

"You know, I'd thought I'd seen it all," says Judge Hurley chuckling but the legality of Cocaine's name is clearly printed on his driver's license.

It appeared though that the amused judge had not immediately settled Cocaine's peculiar name. He said: "I'm still trying to absorb this."

However, Cocaine's last name had been in their family genealogy for almost a century that he could not do away with it anymore. Cocaine explained that perhaps his grandparents have no idea yet on the illegal drugs associated with the term.

To which, the judge said: "Or maybe your grandparents knew and just didn't tell anyone else, you know."

Good thing that Cocaine was released after Judge Hurley had dealt him softly following the amusing incident over his last name.

Cocaine is a purified extract of illegal drugs which causes strong negative and addicting effect to the user's emotions, heart, and brain. Meanwhile, Xanax is a prescription only medicine used as treatment for panic disorders, anxiety disorders, and anxiety from depression. This habit-forming medicine has potential dangerous side effects that its usage is strongly regulated. It cannot even be shared to other persons unless there is doctor's prescription.

What a coincidence indeed!

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