What’s the Hype on HTC One’s UltraPixel Camera Shooter?

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Looking at the published specs, the HTC One has the chops that represent bumps up of the smartphone features we've seen before. Nothing new in terms of innovation?

HTC disagrees as it highlights the One's revolutionary camera abilities, a first in the smartphone field, the company insisted.

Instead of megapixel, the firm opted for a marketing hype and used UltraPixel to draw attention on what it claims as the retooling of camera light sensor that works wonders in collaboration with a dedicated ImageChip.

HTC would want to convince consumers that its smartphone camera deployment in HTC One is at par with Nokia's PureView technology, seen in the Lumia 920 and Nokia 808, and the 13MP shooter of Sony's Xperia Z. Or even better.

While bragging UltraPixel features, the HTC One actually pack a measly 4.3MP sensor but the magic lies beneath the numbers, HTC said.

"Although it's not pixel-packed, the HTC One camera's pixels are much larger than the smartphone norm. They're roughly double the size," according to TrustedReviews.com.

What consumers will get from the new HTC One camera is 4.3-odd million pixels that in technical terms mean a 1/3-inch BSI CMOS sensor, Trusted Reviews said, adding that this new handset is capable of producing high-quality images that normally a high-end compact shooter can only deliver.

For a camera packed with a smartphone, what HTC achieved is breakthrough by itself as ComputerWorld noted that the HTC One snapper is "able to absorb three times as much light as a typical smartphone camera setup."

"Basically you're looking at a 1/3-inch 4 megapixel BSI sensor with large 2µm pixels capable of gathering 330 percent more light than the 1.1µm pixels usually found in phones," plus the benefit of optical image stabilisation first served to the average consumers first seen via the Lumia 920, added Engadget.

And the ImageChip that came with the One camera has provided just the right muscle for the handset to capture 1080p, 60fps and HDR video clips.

All these are in conjunction with HTC's earlier declaration that "we're talking about real image quality, not just megapixels for the sake of megapixels."

Already stunning, HTC One's camera still has room for additional megapixels to maximise the technology deployed by HTC with the smartphone, Trusted Reviews said.

Making the sensor 8MP would have been the perfect mix, it added, likely levelling up the HTC One with that of Nokia 808's over-served pixels.

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