What’s Happening to Square-Enix? Big Titles, Big Step Down, All-Out Spring Sale—Signs of a Letdown?


When looking at the hit games this season, it seems as though Square-Enix is hitting it big time. Tomb Raider has been critically acclaimed again and again, even going so far as having talk about rebooting the movie franchise based on the game.

Just this month, Sleeping Dogs has received a DLC Year of the Snake Pack, and Hitman: Absolution was a fairly okay comeback after a six-year hiatus. You'd think that these titles should be worth being celebrated by its publisher, but Square-Enix begs to differ in terms of sales.

Siliconera reports that the sales of the three supposed hit games have all underperformed, with Tomb Raider having sold 3.4 million copies, Sleeping Dogs earning 1.75 million copies since its release last year, and Hitman: Absolution getting 3.6 million copies in 4 months.

But perhaps it's not all in the game, as Digital Trends reports that some internal decisions such as refusing a free-to-play platform for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn may have also contributed to the loss.

While the fiscal year is nearing its end, there is still room for improvement, considering the direction that Square-Enix is heading with its upcoming projects.

According to EuroGamer, Square-Enix is looking at a pretty Final Fantasy loaded year, considering the recently announced Final Fantasy 10-2 HD and also a Final Fantasy Versus 13 project that's also on the way.

Let's not forget the partnership that was already been established with Eidos Montreal on the much-awaited Thief project, slated to come out next year.

Square-Enix CEO steps down after "extraordinary loss"

Potentially one of the biggest losses that Square-Enix is facing is the stepping down of CEO Yoichi Wada, after 13 years of being the head of what used to be one of the publishing giants in the industry. This happened following a forecast that brought to light the expected huge losses.

And the term huge seems to be an understatement as PC Gamer reports that the company may be looking at a 13 billion yen (approximately $137million) loss, a far cry from what was to be an expected 3.5 billion yen profit.

"The Company forecasts that actual business results from its Digital Entertainment Segment substantially fall below its plan primarily due to slow sales of major console game titles I North American and European markets," PC Gamer quotes the forecast report.

For the meantime, Wada will be replaced by former company president Yosuke Matsuda. While changes in administration and policies are likely to happen, what it means for the games that Square-Enix will be churning out for the coming months, are still murky at best.

Square-Enix announces a spring sale

In what may be an attempt to push for more sales in light of what has happened, VG24/7 has announced a spring sale until March 27 on select titles.

These include Tomb Raider (now at $34), Hitman Absolution - Professional Edition ($11.35), Sleeping Dogs: Limited ($7.56), Deus Ex: Human Revolution ($7.56), and the three previous Thief games, all at $2.

Some of the titles have even gone down to $1.5 such as Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Project: Snowblind, and Rogue Trooper.

For those who want to try out these games, now is your chance to get your hands on them for very low prices. Hopefully, this can provide some form of traction for its upcoming games, particularly Thief, if its wants to make a full recovery and comeback.

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