What was Justin Bieber Really Doing Inside a Brazilian Brothel? Find Out the Story Behind his Wild Night Out

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It seems like the Bieber camp is doing some damage control after Justin Bieber made the headlines for being inside a Brazilian brothel until he was kicked out.

As reported by E!Online, the "Bad Day" singer was reportedly at a nightclub in the heart of Brazil, Rio De Janeiro where he was partying with a few friends. The nightclub is allegedly called Centauros and the singer was seen leaving with two of the "employees," women perse, from the nightclub.

There may have been a slight change in the term "nightclub" as it sure is different from that of a brothel. According to a source that spoke to E!Online, it was reported that the place is not a brothel.

It is a place where those who have money to spend go but it isn't the sort of place that teenagers would hang out at like, Bieber. According to the source:

"Old-fashioned gentleman's club, it is not over-the-top nice, but it isn't sleazy, either. It has a dance floor. For what it is, it is high end and it's not cheap to get in there. There is an entrance fee. Playboy types go there and local businessmen and tourists."

So what was it that Bieber was really doing inside the "old gentleman's club?"

His reps have yet to issue a statement about this.

Just to make it clear to those who are thoroughly disgusted by the singer's antics, it is legal in Brazil to drink at the age of 18 and prostitution too is legal. The thing is, the women in the club were not really working for the club.

A source tells E!news that everything was in line:

"Like a bar and club [combined]. The girls that work there-some have clothes on and some kinda don't...They are all in there to make money. They don't work for the club."

It seems like Bieber is thoroughly enjoying Brazil as he has been seen yet again enjoying at another nightclub, dancing.

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