What May Have Happened to Malaysia Airlines MH17: 5 Strangest Conspiracy Theories; Crash Victim Had Frightening ‘Premonition’

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REFILE - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION  Family members of the victims killed in Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 plane disaster react next to Mayor Pieter Broertjes (front 3rd L) as a row of hearses carrying the victims' bodies arrives at the Korporaal van Oud
REFILE - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Family members of the victims killed in Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 plane disaster react next to Mayor Pieter Broertjes (front 3rd L) as a row of hearses carrying the victims' bodies arrives at the Korporaal van Oudheusden barracks in Hilversum July 23, 2014. A Dutch air force transport plane carrying the first 16 coffins with the remains of victims of the downed Malaysian airliner landed at Eindhoven airport on Wednesday from an airport in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. The bodies of the victims will remain at the barracks until they are identified by forensic experts. REUTERS/Michael Kooren

Only four months after disappearance of MH370, another Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 met with a horrifying tragedy. Boeing 777 was carrying 298 people in the plane from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when the plane was reportedly shot down, killing all the people onboard. No one knows why it happened. However, several conspiracy theories that claim to explain what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 are swirling around. While some believe in them, some are skeptic about its authenticity. Read about top 5 strangest Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, it is being reported that a young MH17 victim had a frightening premonition before the crash happened. Did he know he was about to die? Read on to find out the details.

Top 5 Strangest Conspiracy Theories Explaining What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

1.   It was an Assassination Attempt of Russian President Vladimir Putin: The most popular conspiracy theory circulating around is that downing of MH17 was actually an attempt to kill the Russian president. On the same day, Putin flew back from a conference in Rio, Brazil and it was said his plane followed the same route as MH17. Also, it is claimed that Putin's personal jet is of same color and size as MH17 was. However, it was later revealed that Russian President's personal jet did not fly over the area of conflict.

2. Ukrainians and CIA Together 'Orchestrated it: Russia's TV network, Channel One reportedly told its audience that shooting of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was actually the work of Ukrainians and the United States of America's CIA. CNBC reported that just a day after the tragedy, network "ran a package" showing that the U.S. wanted to do the same thing during 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. The show informed its viewers that the entire incident was "orchestrated" by CIA because "Ukrainian government is not so sophisticated." According to the report, it was shown that Russia's rapidly growing economy and "progress of the BRIC nations prompted the U.S. to take such a step and "damage Russia's economy."

3. People on Plane Were Dead Already: Another strangest conspiracy theory related to Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 claims that people onboard were dead already before the plane came down. According to News.com.au, "top pro-Russia rebel commander in eastern Ukraine" said that many of the MH17 crash victims "may have died days before the plane took off." It was reported that he was told by the people at the site that "a significant number of bodies weren't fresh."

4. To Prevent the Revelation of HIV/AIDS Cure: MH17 had many HIV/AIDS researchers travelling in it. The information has led to another strange conspiracy theory suggesting that the plane was brought down to forbid the cure for AIDS from being revealed.

5. SU-25 Fighter Jet: Russians also claimed that a SU-25 a Ukrainian fighter jet was flying "close" to the MH17 before it crashed. According to Yahoo Australia, Russia's Lieutenant-General Andrey Kartopolav claims that their flight records suggest that Ukrainian fighter jet was in "proximity" to MH17. According to the conspiracy theory the plane is equipped with "air-to-air missiles" and is responsible for downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Miguel Panduwinata's Premonition about the MH17 Crash

Meanwhile, the latest update suggests that an 11-year-old victim of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 may have had an uncanny premonition about the impending crash. According to Associated Press report (via USA Today), Miguel Panduwinata had been asking odd questions about death to her mom days before boarding doomed Malaysia Airlines flight. The report notes that a day earlier to his flight he asked his mother questions like: "How would you choose to die? What would happen to my body if I was buried? Would I not feel anything because our souls go back to God?"

On July 17, 2014, Samira Calehr (Miguel's Mother) dropped her children Miguel and his brother Shaka to the airport to head on to their journey to Bali to visit their grandmother. Just when the boy was about to walk towards the passport counter, he told his mother that he would miss her and asked a haunting question. He asked her "what will happen if the plane crashes?" However, his mother and brother reassured him that he will be taken care off. Not knowing that it is exactly that's going to happen to their flight, the boys headed to Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. They joined rest of the 296 people on board who lost their life in the tragic plane crash that occurred two hours after MH17 took off at 12:15pm.  It is believed that Buk missile shot down the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. 

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