What is 'Kaepernicking'? New Internet Craze Hits Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? [PHOTOS]

  on January 15 2013 12:57 PM

Kaepernicking follows you to whichever social network you visit - Facebook, Twitter, even the photo sharing app Instagram. You're wondering why your contacts appear to be checking their pits in their recent photos. No, they're actually kissing their elbows. You've got to be a fan of San Francisco 49ers to understand.

Kaepernicking is how fans call Colin Kaepernick's signature move when he scores a touchdown. These fans post photos of themselves, their stuffed toys, their pets in the Kaepernicking act. Kaepernicking has become a visual language of celebration among fans. Other more serious fans are not satisfied with still photos, so they shared Kaepernicking videos online.

Why is Kaepernicking popular on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? (Image: Tumblr)

VIDEO: Cute Girl Kaepernicking

Several Kaepernicking videos have been uploaded since Kaepernick endeared fans to his touchdown ritual. Here is one of those videos:

The video above is much appreciated by many viewers, but at least one viewer had something to say from another perspective.

"This is child abuse. Good luck trying to explain to her later in life why you forced her to wear that jersy and sing about being a 49er's fan. Poor girl," writes JTHackett88.

Another user had something else to say: "this is proof how untalented half these "rappers" are. this little girl is better than literally 48% of the industry... shes like 2 yrs old. think about that," writes acardy22.

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