What is it Like to Work for Apple? Dissing the Dream Job

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Jordan Price, a former mobile designer, walked away from Apple and never regret anything about his decision.

According to his blog posted on his site, his job with the company was appalling. Reporting to a boss who discriminates all his subordinates made the rigid hours all the more dreadful, even the long commute took a toll at him.

He was literally dragging himself to work every day. He said working with Apple was his ultimate dream. He even took a substantial pay cut, thinking he will make a long-term career investment by working for such a prestigious company.

But then he had to wake up to reality.

He said that at first, when he became impatient about the rigid hours and long commute, he motivated himself by the thought that he can be perceived as "one of those notorious tech people whizzing to and from San Francisco on a private bus with wifi (I'm especially intrigued by the bus thing because I grew up in San Francisco and have seen the cultural and economic shift that's resulted from this tech boom and the last."

However, this simple takeaway cannot convince him of staying with the company anymore when his job made him hardly see his daughter.  And the worst of all, he had to take sh***t from his boss who was very unprofessional.

 "My immediate boss, who had a habit of making personal insults shrouded as jokes to anyone below him, started making direct and indirect insults to me. He started reminding me that my contract wouldn't be renewed if I did or didn't do certain things. He would hover over my back (literally) like a boss out of Dilbert and press me to finish some mundane design task that he felt urgently needed to be examined. He was democratic about his patronizing and rude comments, but it didn't make me feel any better when he directed them towards my team members," Price wrote in his blog.

Working with such horrible boss made him rant about practically simple stuff - the boarding was super bumpy, he had to use so many passwords, accounts and log-ins it almost took him a month to get on a server; meetings for him became disruptive to everyone's productivity.

He tried to get to use with everything because it was his 'dream job' but having to carry the burden everyday made him hate the person that he had become.

 "I felt more like I was a teenager working at a crappy retail job than a professional working at one of the greatest tech companies in the world."

At that point, he walked away from Apple to save his sanity.

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