What Has Samsung Been Up to: Going Against Apple and Its iPhone 6

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Samsung Smart Wearable Devices Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear Fit
New Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (L), Gear 2 smartwatch (C) and Gear Fit fitness band are displayed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 23, 2014. Samsung Electronics unveiled a new smart watch and fitness band along with the latest version of its flagship Galaxy smartphone on Monday, demonstrating how the battleground for innovation is shifting from the hand to the wrist. Picture taken on February 23. REUTERS/Albert Gea Reuters

There are many players in the Smartphone industry. Battling it out at the top, and going head to head with innovative ideas are Apple and Samsung.  It is believed that Samsung fears being reduced to become just one of those smaller-margin merchants like HTC, LG and the likes.  Samsung wants to take the offensive to maintain its leadership status in the large-screen smartphone arena. 

Business Insider reports that Samsung has been on a hiring spree.  They are really going after talent.  It has created a hiring frenzy, trying to snatch up all the highly capable personnel with top phd'sin preparation for the massive R&D center they are building in Silicon Valley.  The R&D center will be approximately 1.1 million square feet in size.  Samsung is spending more in research and development compared to others.  Rumor has it that Samsung will take an aggressive stance in its ad campaigns against the IPhone 6.  While IPhone users have to wait for the IPhone 6 to have the big-screen experience, Samsung Galaxy users are already enjoying the large screens right now.  

Samsung also challenged the IPhone with another ad campaign strongly implying that IPhone users constantly need to charge their phones due to short battery life.  They went as far as claiming that IPhone users tend to be "wall huggers" with the incessant need to charge the phone on wall sockets all the time.  While Samsung phone users are simply enjoying life, the IPhone users are still stuck, waiting for their mobile phones to be fully charged.  Samsung even released a "one-charge-challenge."  The ad features two men enjoying a leisurely drive across the country. They have their Samsung Galaxy S5 in tow, without the need to charge their phone at all, not even once through out the ride. 

Samsung is rumored to release a new phone, which might be called "Galaxy S5 prime."  If this pushes through, the public can expect more aggressive ad campaigns to be launched.

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