What A Handy Keyboard It Would Be With Samsung Smart Glasses

By @judithaparri on

A patent has emerged for Samsung seeking an augmented reality keyboard to appear in the hand of a smart glasses user.

The patent was dated August 2013 indicating the South Korean titan may launch a smart glasses wearable that it may call Galaxy Glass.

Smart glasses may not be a mature department in the world of wearables yet, but it will not be long when the specs become omnipresent as smartphones. When Google came up with Google Glass, the other giant rivals try to jump in the race. Now it seems that everyone from Apple and others will have their own version to surface the soonest.

South Korean Galaxy gadget maker Samsung Electronics is another company that works in one. As to what exciting thing they are up to is worth waiting for.

A recent patent has been disclosed hinting as what Samsung's eventual glass will take. It has an augmented reality (AR) application which works with glasses to turn hands into a keyboard. A user can do it by just holding his hand before him and let his eyes work since he can see the corresponding marked letters on the fingers. The user can use both hands or one hand or a finger. It will be a finger-based future then.

Samsung suggested since noise can interrupt voice, it wants to project letters as part of the user's fingers with which he types. The user's AR keyboard is only visible to him.

Since this is in the patent stage, Samsung still has to put research into the idea and bringing it to the consumers is not a requirement on their part for now. But it should not take Samsung long to make an announcement as exciting as this, when it launches the smart glasses.

Previous reports said Samsung may reveal its Galaxy Glass at the IFA show in Berlin this September. Just like Google Glass, it can be connected with a smartphone, to a Samsung handset presumably. It is just like how Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit smartwatches work with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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