‘What Floyd Mayweather Did to Amir Khan is Absolutely Disgraceful,’ Says Bob Arum

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Floyd Mayweather
Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr greets fans and amateur boxers during a visit to conduct training clinics in Soweto [Reuters/SIPHIWE SIBEKO] Reuters

Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum isn't happy with the way Floyd Mayweather is treating Amir Khan. He thinks that Mayweather has shunned and disgraced the British boxer after launching a poll for his next opponent and not announcing that he would be facing Khan in his upcoming May 3 fight.

"What he has done to Amir Khan is absolutely disgraceful," Arum told Telegraph Sport. "Whether he ends up fighting him, or he doesn't," he added.

On Feb. 3, Mayweather started his poll and asked his fans to vote whether he should fight Khan or Marcos Maidana. Nearly 36,000 boxing fans participated in the poll and Khan ended up taking winning the poll after receiving the majority of the votes with 20,105 compared to Maidana's 15,474. Several days after the poll concluded, Mayweather still hasn't officially announced his next opponent.

"My feeling is he is not going to fight him, but it's disgraceful to do that to another human being because you are in a position to do that," said Arum.

"Just because he has the power where you can do something like that."

In 2013, Khan has declined to fight Devon Alexander for a supposedly potential clash in December because he was hoping to get a shot at fighting Mayweather, which as actually close to being a reality, until the undefeated boxer started the poll recently. Khan and his team has even let the cat out of the bag and revealed that he had already signed a contract to fight Mayweather and only waiting for the American boxer to sign his part of the contract.

However, things are starting to get muddier for Khan. With just a couple of months before Mayweather's scheduled fight, no official announcements have been made yet. All the delaying tactics that Mayweather and his team are doing right now are making the 27-year-old British-Pakistani boxer consider other options.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Khan said that regardless whether he gets to fight Mayweather or not, he will fight in May.

"I want to fight because I want to keep myself busy, you know," Khan said.

"We're going to get a Plan B opponent, hopefully take that fight, and still work our way towards a Mayweather fight."

Arum has one advice to Khan and that is to forget about the entire Mayweather fight and get rid of Golden Boy Promotions.

"Cut your ties with these people, be a man," said Arum.

"You were the great hope of England at one point."

"Amir Khan has put himself in a position where he can be humiliated. He's like a laughing stock, terrible, absolutely terrible."

It is still aren't clear why Mayweather hasn't announced Khan as his next opponent. There could be a lot of reasons, maybe Mayweather and his team still working on the fighters to fight in the undercard or maybe they are contemplating and trying to gauge who between Khan and Maidana really deserves a chance to fight him.

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