What Fans Expect to See in ‘Dracula’ TV Series Season 2

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Amid concerns that their favourite TV show "Dracula" may get cancelled, fans hope that the series returns for season 2. Many have their wish list for what they would like to see in the popular show starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Van Helsing - Vampire Hunter

Fans were eagerly waiting for what was seen as an eventuality, the falling out between Van Helsing and Dracula. Fans did get to see what happens towards the end of season 1 and the bitter rivalry between the two, fans expect, should intensify in season 2.

Van Helsing has always been seen as a vampire hunter, and fans want to see how the new series could develop the character in this new role in season 2. The plot could get intense with Dracula, Van Helsing and the Order of the Dragon fighting each other to the death.

Advertise to Get Attention

Some of the fans complain that the series was not advertised enough. Some fans say that they only started watching the show from mid season, as they accidently stumbled on to the show and have become huge fans of it.

However, the question of spending more money on advertising depends a lot on expected revenues that the show will generate. The producers may not be able to take too much risk if they feel that the response from the audience is not strong enough.

The Bite of the Vampire

While some fans would like to see more blood and gore in the season 2 of "Dracula" TV series, others feel that the element of seduction of young women should be taken up a notch. There are, however, no complaints with regard to the performance of Jonathan Rhys Meyers and the other cast members in the show.

Renfield - The Surprise Favourite

Perhaps even the producers of "Dracula" could not have foreseen the tremendous popularity of the character. The portrayal of the character marks a refreshing departure from what fans have seen in the past, and fans want to see the character return.

Timing is Everything

Some of the fans complain that airing the show late night on a Friday would certainly not help in getting more people to watch the show. Many fans have to make the difficult decision of going out on a Friday night or staying at home to watch the show.

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