What is the Best Thing About iOS 7.1 Update?

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Apple's iOS 7.1 software update was previously released. After iOS 7 facelift, the wait for iOS 7.1 update saw a huge demand. The new update brought in many improvements and fixes. 

To get the comprehensive report on the top five features of iOS 7.1 update, click here. This includes Siri updates, HDR Auto Option, new visibility options, button shapes option and displaced background updates.

What is 'the best' new feature in iOS 7.1 update?


Out of all the listed features of iOS 7.1, the superior feature got to be the speed. Every time Apple brings in its software update, the users are overwhelmed with the speed.

Although Apple assured performance enhancements for iPhone 4, the iOS 7.1 update has improved the speed of iPhone 5. iOS 7.0 wasn't sluggish but it was not faster either. But iOS 7.1 is tremendously fast, GottaBeMobile reported.

The user interface navigation on Apple's mobile phones and tablets always feels smooth and incredibly fast when compared to Apple's competitors. The same feeling holds true for the users switching from one of Apple's rival devices to Apple products, where the transition is seamless and addictive. When Apple releases the next-generation device, the old models instantaneously feel sluggish and outdated. In turn, this prompted the users to buy the new product.

According to BGR, the speed improvements come with the new hardware launches. This time around Apple spent too much time in perfecting the speed in iOS 7.1 software update. The results are staggering: 

- Quicker opening and closing of apps

- Transition animations are faster

- Software recognizes taps even before the zooming transition animations are realized

- Update makes the phone more responsive

If you have not updated to the latest version of Apple's iOS, there are couple of reasons to wait further: to wait for battery optimizations or maintain a jailbreak. But if your sole intention is to get a pumped-up speed then iOS 7.1 update is recommended.

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