Whalley Frontman Up and About, Brain Rid of Tapeworm


It's just like one of the cases the series House M.D., where a pig tapeworm is found to be in the lodged in a patient's brain, causing all sorts of bodily problems. Only this time, it happened to Australian punk rock band Jay Whalley.

In a post in the official Frenzal Rhomb Facebook account, Whalley wrote about his entire experience, from the moment that he had started to experience seizures-which happened twice before he got hospitalized-to the time when he had his "Valentines Day Brain Surgery."

What they had first thought to be a potential malignant melanoma turned out to be an egg from a pig tapeworm that was about 1 cm in diameter.

"Once in my stomach, they never become tapeworms but they migrate into the muscle, most of the time causing no problem and you'll never know it's there," he said. "The only place you'll have problem is if they make it to your brain or eyes."

This may come as a surprise to Whalley's fans, especially those who know that Whalley is not a fan of meat, as he is vegetarian. But according to his account, it may have come from improper food preparation.

Basically, there are many ways to contract a tapeworm, the most common of which is consuming undercooked or raw meat, according to BetterHealth. But there re also times when they humans can get it when coming into contact with pets who are carriers.

In Australia, the hydatid tapeworm is said to be the most common and most serious infestation, and mostly transmitted through dogs, once a person comes into contact with its feces.

The infection can go so far as to become fatal, once cysts start to form around the vital organs.

Fortunately for Whalley, his condition was resolved after his operation last February 14. What's more, the operation didn't do anything to quell Whalley's spirit or humor, for that matter. He is now out of the hospital despite an extension for two other infections that he contracted after the operation.

And he has now taken to updating the band's fans about his condition, giving his regrets about cancelled shows, and basically coming up with creative names for himself in lieu of the creative way that he contracted the infection, starting with Ham Solo, Notorious P.I.G., and Oink182, as he goes back in the studio for their ninth album.

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