Western Sydney Airport 2020 Takes Significant Phase to Commencement

  @AringoYenko on August 19 2014 3:12 PM

A very important stage to the commencement of building the Western Sydney Airport in 2020 takes place on Aug 18 as the Australian Government formally issued a Notice to Consult addressed to the Sydney Airport Group.

According to Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Warren Truss, the Notice to Consult is a signal for the two parties to start official negotiations on developing and operating an airport at Badgerys Creek.

Truss underlined that the establishment of an airport in Western Sydney was delayed due to uncertainty in decision by previous governments. It was only in April of 2014 that Coalition made the plans certain. And now, with the party's less than 12 months in office, the party had again taken a significant step in making the project a reality.

"This Government is about developing infrastructure for the 21st century that will create new economic opportunities for generations to come. A new airport in Western Sydney is one of the most significant infrastructure projects in Australia, which combined with our roads package of nearly $3 billion, will generate jobs and economic growth in Western Sydney, NSW and nationally," he said.

The Notice to Consult will take nine months as the Government wants to establish a comprehensive plan towards an operational airport by the mid-2020s that will generate long-term economic benefits, tens of thousands of jobs and transform Western Sydney to meet its rapid growth, Truss said.

He explained that while consultation with Sydney Airport Group just makes up one component of the work, it is a very important step in the whole process as it now brings a clearer timeframe for the project.

The next phase to this will be the decision from the Government to present its detailed contractual offer to the Sydney Airport Group that involves issuing a Notice of Intention to the Sydney Airport Group, setting out the detailed terms - including technical specifications, contractual terms and timetable -for the development and operation of an airport at Badgerys Creek.

The Western Sydney airport is part of the Government's investment of $3 billion over 10 years in major infrastructure upgrades that will transform the region's economy.

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