Western Australia has 100,000 Jobs Available in Next 10 Years

By @ibtimesau on

At least 100,000 jobs will be made available in Western Australia in the next 10 years as the state surges on with growth in its minerals and energy sector.

However, it is possible that the job openings will likely be filled up by skilled workers from overseas.

According to the State's 2013 Growth Outlook report published by Western Australia's Chamber of Mineral and Energy, most of the jobs that would turn out in the next 10 years would be mining engineers, process engineers and chemical engineers, even geologists and metallurgists.

The report forecasts that WA's workforce in the minerals and energy sector will peak in 2014 at 125,000 people, an 8 per cent jump over the existing workforce.

By then, employment in the minerals and energy sector will go down as construction activity turns into operations management and maintenance.

The Mid West has been named as the area that will have the highest labour growth to 2018, followed by the Kimberley, according to the report.

By 2014, the Mid West will need an additional 4,800 workers, of which 3,600 are new construction workers. This will later on drop to 3,300 above 2012 levels by 2018.

Kimberley workforce is seen to jump to 6,200 in 2015 from 3,400 workers in 2012 before sliding to 4,200 in 2018. The Pilbara will require 9,000 less workers in 2018.

An additional 5,500 FIFO workers will likewise be needed in 2014 from Perth/Peel, before dropping to 5,600 less than 2012 levels by 2018.

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