Wesley Snipes Served With Lawsuit For Owing $103K --- Report

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Cast Member Wesley Snipes Attends The Premiere Of The Film 'The Expendables 3.'
Cast member Wesley Snipes attends the premiere of the film "The Expendables 3" in Los Angeles August 11, 2014. Reuters

Wesley Snipes was reportedly served with legal papers relating to his tax evasion case during the premiere of "The Expendables 3" in Hollywood last week.

Radar Online posted a photo proving the actor was presented with legal documents during his walk down the red carpet. He was reportedly all smiles while promoting his comeback movie. However, that smile soon faded on his way to the film's after-party.

The site claims someone approached and handed Wesley Snipes with summons requesting his appearance for a debtor's examination. The actor is reportedly being sued by a PR firm, Sitrick & Company, for his failure to furnish payment for the group's work done when he faced felony tax evasion charges before.

The court documents reportedly requested the actor to "furnish information to aid in enforcement of a money judgment." It also revealed the amount the actor owes the firm, totaling to $103,000. Additionally, the cour documents stated Snipes "may be subject to arrest and punishment for contempt of court, and the court may take an order requiring [him] to pay reasonable attorney fees incurred by the judgment creditor in the proceeding."

A source claimed the actor "never contested any of the bills of fees of Sitrick & Co."

According to a previous report from International Business Times, the actor himself even spoofed his time in jail in one of the scenes in "The Expendables 3." After he was rescued from prison by Jason Statham and crew, he was asked what he was in jail for. The actor replied "tax evasion" although in the movie he was imprisoned for a failed assassination attempt.

Wesley Snipes was reportedly sentenced in 2008 with failure to file tax returns for three years. He was believed to have owed the government a total of $7 million in tax fees. He lost an appeal in 2010 and was convicted to three years in prison. He was released in 2013 after serving three years in a correctional facility.

Rumour has it that the actor will reprise his role in "Blade 4." If this will be confirmed, then according to Inquisitr, it would provide the actor another source of cash other than from "The Expendables 3." The site claims surely he would be able to pay the money he reportedly still owes the firm.

Radar Online claims attemtps to contact Wesley Snipes for comments were unsuccessfull, while Sitrick & Co has yet to respond to their request.

Source: YouTube/Beyond The Trailer

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