Weight Loss May Not Be So Appealing For Relationships, Sex Life - Study

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If you think weight loss may add excitement to your love life, then it is a myth according to a new research.

Researchers at North Carolina State University and University of Texas at Austin claimed losing weight may hamper your relationship, love and sex life. The new report explained that an individual who loses substantial weight begins to pester the partner to follow the same. This study analyzed the negative effects of weight loss.

The study was conducted on the participants who recently lost substantial amount of weight of about 30 pounds in less than two years.

Based on a survey of those who lost weight and their partners, the study followed attributes regarding how their relationship had evolved during weight loss. Two essential factors considered were communication between the couple and their sexual behavior. Results suggested that the couples' communication experienced some changes for good. The partner who lost weight talked more about healthy lifestyle and motivated the other half to adopt healthy living.

For couples who were open to the idea of lifestyle modification had better relationships both emotionally and sexually. However, some couples who had opposing beliefs about weight loss weakened their relationship. The person who lost weight tend to pester his partner causing stress in the relationship. Adding to the burden was that the other half may feel insecure due to weight loss changes.

All of these may result in losing interest in sex as one tries to interrupt his partner's efforts to healthy living.

The study found that a partner's lifestyle change had influenced the dynamic of couples' interaction in a variety of ways, tipping the scale of romantic relationships in a potentially upward or downward direction.

"When both partners bought into the idea of healthy changes and were supportive of one another, weight loss appeared to bring people closer," Dr. Lynsey Romo, an assistant professor of communications at North Carolina State, said.

"When significant others resisted healthy changes and were not supportive of their partner's weight loss, the relationship suffered. This study should not dissuade anyone from losing excess weight, but it should encourage people to be aware of the potential pros and cons of weight loss on their relationship."

"It is really important for the partner of someone trying to lose weight to be supportive of their significant other without feeling threatened by their health changes. This approach will help people lose weight without jeopardising the quality of their relationship," Dr. Romo stressed.

So, don't get too involved in your weight loss program. It needs support and care to protect your love and sex life from negative aspects of weight loss.  

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