Weight Loss And Glowing Skin Secrets: Kate Middleton’s Secret to Perfect Size 6 Figure And Radiant Skin Revealed

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Kate Middleton is a fashion icon with stunning figure and looks. Even after three years of marriage and giving birth, the Duchess of Cambridge sports a size 6 super-slim figure.

Women worldwide want to know the secret to her svelte figure and glowing skin.

Here are exactly the things they need to know:

It didn't take too long for Kate Middleton to slim down to size 6 figure after the delivery of Prince George. But that's not it for Prince William's wife. She believes there is still room to improve and look even better.

According to Daily Mail, Kate is on an "unusual diet" that involves consumption of only raw food. Keeping low on calorie consumption, she has turned to this kind of diet "to improve glowing complexion" and maintain her "slender figure."

Her dieting menu includes some of her favorite dishes such as Latin American dish ceviche (raw fish soaked in lime juice and spices). She is also fond of watermelon salads, goji berries, tabbouleh, gazpacho and almond milk.

"Kate already has the perfect figure, but her motivation is to achieve radiant skin," a friend of the Duchess revealed. 

The Web site noted experts claimed raw food diet really helps in achieving healthy skin, voluminous hair and strong nails. This is because raw food is richer in nutrients than cooked food. It is also noted healthy regime can prove to be "beneficial for fertility."

Kate gave birth to Prince George in July and shed her post-delivery weight within five weeks. She has been on improvement path since a long time. She achieved four sizes smaller figure only recently. During her days in Andrew University she was a size 10 and became eight when she transferred to London.

Meanwhile, Kate was reportedly "stunned" at Queen Elizabeth's 88th birthday at the The Royal Horseguards, according to The Hollywood Life.  

The Duchess of Cambridge adorned a silver suit on the occasion attended by all the royals. Keeping her makeup subtle, she wore pearl earrings with radiant smile. She let her hair loose underneath the matching hat.

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