Weekend Gamer: 3-Play Draw Slasher, 'Puzzle & Dragon’s' Evangelion Characters and 'Tengami' on the iOS

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This weekend, play a few fun games that are rooted in a past favourite game, a unique matching game or a pop-up folding game that has the essence of Japanese culture in it.

Here are some fun iOS games that gamers should be downloading and playing this weekend.

'Tengami' on iOS

Going away from the hype and brawl of fighting games, "Tengami" from developer Nyamyam is a more relaxing way to enjoy an aesthetically pleasant game such as this one.

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It invites players to take a journey with their family or friends into the pages and puzzles of the Japanese-inspired pop-up book of "Tengami." The captivating and colourful scenes are matched with hauntingly memorable soundtracks that will not be ruined by advertising or in-app purchases.

"Tengami" is also a first of its kind, as it is the first to feature a pop-up book kind of gameplay. It's available on the iTunes for $4.99, but despite the price, Tengami has won numerous awards, including being the finalist of IndieCade 2012, SXSW Gaming Awards Finalist 2014 and Sense of Wonder Night 2012: Official Selection.

The New Game for 'Fruit Ninja' Lovers

"Fruit Ninja" has had its own share of popularity a little while back when it comes to mobile games. Now this new iOS game, "Draw Slasher," is aiming for a similar approach, as it takes the swiping concept of "Fruit Ninja" and mixes in some monsters and zombies.

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That's right---instead of slicing fruit, players will be slashing monsters. According to Phone Arena, "Draw Slasher" has been remastered since its 2012 title, but retains that gamers will play as the ninja trainee. Players are out to save their kin from the enemies, as they try to use their skills and the katana as a way to help the ninja family.

Unlike "Fruit Ninja," "Draw Slasher" does have its own variations, like having different combos and attacks, and even having a stamina meter to help players have better moves. "Draw Slasher" costs $2.99 and is available in iTunes today.

Shinji and Kaworu Comes to 'Puzzle & Dragons'

Gungho Online Entertainment is readying a new update for "Puzzle & Dragons," which will bring a number of things and fixes. The free-to-play title is a matching game that also tries to jumble the mechanics of matching games a bit.

*New details have been released for the Pokemon Special Battle and Battle of Trozei mechanics: Read here for more.

In addition to the matching game, players also have the chance to collect monsters, and no time limit to put pressure on them. For the latest update, VG 24/7 reports that there will be new dungeons and characters in the form of Shinji, Asuka, Rei and Kaworu from "Neon Genesis Evangelion."

The update will come on Feb 24 for Japan and March in the U.S. and Europe. Rare eggs, which are shaped like the EVA units in the Japanese animation will be available.

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