Wearables: Another Potential Area for Samsung's Success Via the Gear Fit

By @judithaparri on

Samsung has several releases in the Wearables category this Mobile Congress; first - Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo; then the great Gear Fit with its creative band and innovative functionality.

A Timely Innovation

Samsung's Gear Fit is a sleek device which combines the fundamental functions of the smart watch and the tracking of life activity; not to mention the stylish design it has.

One of the most famous wristband trackers is Fitbit; and the Fitbit Force is difficult to find. It is unfortunate since they issued a recall from a skin irritation thus, there is a good chance for anyone to come up with a great device.


The Gear Fit is designed with a thin curve so it can lightly and comfortably blends into the wrist. However, in that curve is the Super 1.84-inch screen AMOLED with its resolution of 432 x 128 that is stunningly colorful. Its layouts and wallpapers offer many styles to fit various tastes that when synch with your phone, you can crop image and customize your own wall paper.

Gear Fit Features

Powered by Tizen, the Gear Fit can provide alerts and notifications from a connected Galaxy device; though it does not have a speaker, a camera or a microphone.  Connect it to some S Health apps on Galaxy devices, track steps and monitor your heart rate. This Bluetooth 4.0 LE item has a heart sensor (to monitor your heart rate) on the underside which can be active for long.

With the Great Fit, Samsung has offered a wearable that is focused on fitness, very light and has charming style itself. It fits those who get out, run like winds or simply work out. The device delivers the benefits of notifications as expected when paired with Samsung Galaxy phones. It features tracking of general activity for all gyroscopic and pedometric needs.

The bands can be swapped out with different colors since they are interchangeable thus, you can go creative, wild or conservative. It is IP67 rated for dust and water resistance. It will be available early to middle of April but the price is not disclosed yet.

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