‘Wayward Pines’ Trailer Released: Meet the Academy Award Winners and Nominees in Star-Studded Cast of Fox New Thriller

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Credit: YouTube/FOX

Tired of the drama in the regular world? Fox upcoming thriller "Wayward Pines" promises to bring its global audience in the world where even though everything appears to be beautiful one hitch makes everyone think he or she is going "insane."

Brought to life by M. Night Shyamalan, the new trailer gives a glimpse of an "intense" and "mind-bending" 10-episode series. According to Fox, "Wayward Pines" will be revolving around the perfect-looking but "strange town" of Wayward Pines. Apparently, what makes it strange is that residents of the town are not allowed to leave and there's no communication with the outside world.

A story based on the best-selling novel and 2013 International Thriller Award nominee by Blake Crouch, the upcoming Fox television series is set to come to life with a star-studded cast headed by Academy Award nominee Matt Dilon playing the role of a Secret Service agent named Ethan Burke who is in search for two missing federal agents.

According to Amazon, Dilon's character Ethan Burke in the book series is going to be a character facing challenges. Apparently, the new thriller is expected to live up to its book original story and make Dilon's character a standout and a memorable one as he fights to unravel the truth behind the mystery that surrounds the perfect but strange town of Wayward Pines.

Other stars included in the cast are Academy and Emmy Award winner Melisa Leo (Nurse Pam) and nominee Juliette Lewis (Beverly), Academy Award nominee Terrence Howard (Sheriff Arnold Pope), "Entourage" star Carla Gugino (missing agent Kate Hewson), Emmy Award nominee Toby Jones (Dr. Jenkins), "How to Make it in America" star Shannyn Sossamon (Ethan Burke's wife Theresa) and Charlie Tahan (Ethan Burke's son Ben).

The all-star cast of "Wayward Pines" appears to have added an element to the new thriller that fans seem to love or will love. Carlos Araujo, in one of the comments on the newly released trailer, referred to the all-star cast as "killer."

With the new trailer released on May 12, Fox gives a clearer picture of what "Wayward Pines" is going to look like and how it may appeal to its audience, globally. Fox new thriller is reportedly going to make its premiere on television in 2015.

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