Water Slide Taller Than Niagara Falls and Dubai's Mall of The World - Technology's Next Step In Promoting Tourism

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People are pictured at the Dubai International Financial Centre in this November 10, 2013 file photo
People are pictured at the Dubai International Financial Centre in this November 10, 2013 file photo. Islamic banking is based on core principles of the religion. So it is striking that some banks are removing the word "Islam" from their names - a sign of both the potential of Islamic finance to grow, and the obstacles to it becoming mainstream. Reuters/Stringer

Schlitterbahn Kansas City water park opened the largest water slide on July 10 and Dubai's "city within a city" inspired mall is said to open on 2020 at Sheikh Zayed Road.

These bizarre inventions and ideas from the world's different architects and inventors have just made tourism fall into a whole new level.

The largest waterslide - Verrückt, is said to be higher than the Niagara Falls or the Statue of Liberty. This heart-stopping ride lasts for 18 seconds and people will have to climb a 264-step staircase just to slide down from this thrilling 51.38m drop, TNT Magazine reports.

The waterslide was first tested by Jeff Henry, waterpark innovator, and John Schooley, ride engineer.

"Jeff and I ride all our rides first. You can't put other people down something you've designed without being willing to do it yourself." Schooley said.

It seems that tourism is now aiming for the largest and biggest tourist attractions.

Dubai's Mall of the World aims to be one of the most visited tourist attractions. It will cover 48 million sq. ft. and is expected to have shops, food courts, restaurants, medical facilities and cultural district facilities, The Telegraph reports.

"The growth in family and retail tourism underpins the need to enhance Dubai's tourism infrastructure as soon as possible. This project complements our plans to transform Dubai into a cultural, tourist and economic hub for the 2 billion people living in the region around us - and we are determined to achieve our vision", Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai ruler said.

This project is said to be a $6.8 billion dollar shopping complex project that will feature 100 hotels and apartment building. The world's largest indoor theme park and a three million sq-ft wellness centre are also on the way.

It will be the first giant infrastructure that is climate-controlled. It will have a retractable ceiling that opens on a cool temperature and closes to aid consumers from Dubai's scorching summer heat, Buzzbuzzhome reports. This will make costumers never want to leave Dubai's Mall of the World.

These developments are another step towards the future and will surely increase tourism. With today's advance technologies, aiming to be the largest structures and buildings can now be easily achieved.


*video from YouTube/ Schlitterbahn Development Group

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