Watch Your Journey On Facebook Over the Years In Nostalgic Video

By @snksounak on

Facebook has celebrated its 10th anniversary on Feb. 4 as it looked back how far it has become. To make things even better, it has allowed its users to have a look at their journey on Facebook over the years.

The journey was presented in a 61-second video slideshow, also available in HD quality, which will take you back in the earlier days and make you nostalgic. The slideshow gave a glimpse of what you have enjoyed on Facebook. The post you have shared over the years probably meant many things to you. It selected your most liked posts and brought them together as a part of the slideshow.

The "Look Back" video also provided you a chance to bring back your old memories highlighting the photos you shared over the years. The photos, which you may have forgotten by now, came with time stamps so that it becomes easier for you to go back to the good old days.

For some, the journey would be painful because they may find that their past was more glorious than present. For some who will find it the other way around, it may give an immense sense of satisfaction about the difficult times you struggled. If not for anything else, it will give you a rare opportunity to see your life in front of your eyes in a way never seen before.

You may never have realized how integrated Facebook has become part of your life. But after watching this wistful video, you are sure to realize that. The video which comes from "Mark & the Team" ends with the phenomenal "like" button to reemphasize how much you liked Facebook.

Go on. Make your day. Click HERE and experience your journey. Here is mine:

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