Watch Viral Video: Jean Claude Van Damme Performs Another Epic Stunt, Chops Ice To Create An Ice Bar In Rocky Mountains

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Jean Claude Van Damme performed an epic stunt yet again. The 53-year-old actor is even more impressive in his latest ad as he was in the Volvo trucks ad, launched in Nov. 2013.

In his new ad for Coors Light, Belgian actor and martial art veteran tops himself while performing some new stunts with ice. He shows off some of his martial arts skills as he builds his own version of ice bar on the snow covered Rocky Mountains. He is sporting a denim outfit and mullet for the commercial of Coors Light drink. He can be seen dragging, kicking, chopping and drilling ice to create the decor of his ice bar.

"But still nothing has come close," says Jean Claude Van Damme after sipping the Coors Light drink at the end.

There is a moment when one can see the stuntman using his ponytail to drag the sledge on the ice covered mountain filled with ice bars. He creates an item of decor, chair, and a buffalo head. The ad is backed by powerful 80s tune. The ad agency VCCP and Coors Light, the beer brand, uploaded the ad on Aug.22, 2014 on YouTube channel adoftheworldvideos. Within four days the ad has garnered more than 400,000 views.

According to Event Magazine, the brand has launched a campaign featuring Jean Claude Van Damme as a brand ambassador. As the part of the campaign, the company is also going to build actual ice bars in London and Manchester for seven days each. In London, the event will be held in Dec. and in Manchester, it will take place in March next year. The report notes that Life Experience, the company in association with the brand to build the real life ice bars, is looking forward to attract the age-group of 18-34.

For those who don't remember, Jean Claude Van Damme featured in a viral Volvo Trucks ad. He performed a crazy split between the two moving Volvo trucks. Van Damme looked extremely calm while performing the stunt that created quite a stir in the media. The video supported by the song "Only Time" by Enya has garnered more than 74,763,000 views on Watch the two epic videos featuring Jean Claude Van Damme, below:

Video: Coors Light: Ice Bar

Credit: adsoftheworldvideos

Video: Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6)

Credit: Volvo Trucks

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