WATCH: Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl 2014 Commercial Bloopers, Tebow Offered a Contract by A11FL


Do you want to see Tim Tebow's bloopers from his Super Bowl 2014 T-Mobile Commercial? It's always nice to watch some outtakes, and T-Mobile was generous enough to share all the fun they had while filming Tebow's Super Bowl 2014 commercial.

Watch the video below:

Video courtesy: YouTube/TMobile

Tebow's Super Bowl 2014 commercial was probably one of the best. His commercial has furnished his hecklers a break because he proved to them that he is one person who can still laugh even if he had been jostled out of the National Football League (NFL).

Tebow has already starred in Super Bowl ad in 2010. He appeared with his mom in an for a conservative advocacy group "Focus on the Family."

Video courtesy: YouTube/CreateChild

In December, Tebow has been appointed as ESPN's new college football analyst, and part of his contract with the sports network allow him to still pursue his football dream.

Speaking of football, CBS Sports reported that A11FL has expressed its interest in recruiting Tebow for its league. A11FL, as described on its Web site, is a new spring professional football league.

"We would love to have Tim Tebow join our league," said Commissioner and chief executive officer Scott McKibben.

"Tim Tebow stands for everything we think the game ought to represent." According to Mr McKibben, Tebow has the character and values that can inspire young athletes.

Tebow has, apparently, been offered by A11FL a contract.

 "We've had probably three or four discussions with people in the Tebow camp," he added.

A11FL has six football teams, namely, Tampa Bay Bandits, Los Angeles Express, Dallas Wranglers, New Jersey Generals, San Francisco Bay Sea Lions, and Chicago Staggs. Tebow's network, ESPN, is expected to broadcast two A11FL games in the next few months.

Do you think Tebow should even consider joining A11FL, for the time being? Share us your thoughts.

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