Watch! Rapper DMX Gets Naked and Runs Laps in Detroit Hotel Floor Just Because 'He Felt Like It' [VIDEO]

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On drugs? Feeling lonely? No, rapper DMX made a run for it at a Detroit hotel hallway, totally naked, with his penis out in full view just because “he felt like it.” Indeed, he just “gets [it] on the floor.”

A video of DMX (or sometimes known as Dark Man X) going for a nude sprint at a hotel floor has surfaced after it was obtained by celebrity gossip Web site, TMZ. In it was rapper DMX having a bit of fun, going for a run in a hotel hallway wearing his birthday suit.

A quick look at DMX in a mad dash at the Detroit hotel showed that it all began like any ordinary hotel guest walking down the hall. Only this time, the guest was a celebrity in his boxer shorts. He stopped “strategically” in full view of the camera and he was captured bending down to drop his boxers… and then the shocking image followed: DMX running laps at the hotel hallway with nothing but his socks and house arrest ankle bracelet on.

And this was all happening while a hotel employee was just around the corner, removing room service from one of the rooms in the hotel floor.

“All of the sudden, X ducks behind a corner with a mischievous grin on his face -- drops his shorts -- and launches into a full ass naked, dong-out sprint,” reported TMZ.

The gossip Web site described the incident as “hilarious,” noting that, at least, the “Party Up (Up in Here)” hit singer didn’t get into police trouble or get handcuffs for his nudie sprint.

He began his music career as a beat boxer in 1988, but DMX is best known for his first hit 1999 album, “And Then There Was X.” His stage name has also made quite a stir coming up with one as a tribute to the instrument he used when he was just starting in the music scene. It was the Oberheim DMX drum machine later renamed “Dark Man X.”

There might be a couple of dark alleys in his journey along the way, but 42-year-old DMX has made a mark in the music scene with hit labels including his first major-label album, “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot,” released in 1998. With hit single, “Ruff Ryders Anthem,” his first label topped Billboard 200 chart in the United States and, records show, sold over 5 million copies.

The Mount Vernon native has had a slew of legal troubles since making a name for himself not only in music but also in films. And the list is quite long with multiple arrests for various offenses including animal cruelty, reckless driving, unlicensed driving, drug possession and identity falsification.

But he’s got bigger problems that he had to deal with in the 90s. Between 1989 and 1990, the Dark Man X was tried for rape and sodomy, sexual abuse and unlawful imprisonment. He was only saved when the DNA evidence did not match his own DNA.

The “What’s My Name” hit singer seemed to become a familiar face and name to the authorities, as he served 15 days in jail for possession of marijuana in 2000. He came back to jail in 2001 when the rapper was arrested for driving without a license and, again, possession of marijuana.

More drug-related arrests came through the years.

He was last arrested in Spartanburg, South Carolina, for driving without a license on Feb. 13, 2013. Five months later, the rapper, again, fell into the hands of the law when he was caught not only driving without a license but also driving under the influence of alcohol in Greenville County, South Carolina, on June 26, 2013.

Even when he’s not driving, DMX seemed to be a magnet for trouble. His last mug shot was taken on Aug. 20, 2013 when he was arrested in Greer, South Carolina, when the car he was riding on made an improper U-turn at the county. Arrest was made when four packages of marijuana were found in the vehicle.

Twenty days after he was cited for marijuana and traffic violation, DMX thought maybe it’s time to “show everything he got,” and runs laps at Detroit hotel, totally naked.

When TMZ apparently reached out to DMX, the “What These Bitches Want” singer said, "Imnotashamedofanythingigot" (“I am not ashamed of anything I got”)

He sure wasn’t and all it takes is a surveillance video to make his mark or the day.

One has to do what one got to do, eh.

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