Watch Out ISIS, Kurdish Female Soldiers Will Show No Mercy

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Israeli soldiers patrol outside the northern Gaza Strip
Israeli soldiers patrol outside the northern Gaza Strip July 29, 2014. Israel's military pounded targets in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country should prepare for a long conflict in the Palestinian enclave, squashing any hopes of a swift end to 22 days of fighting. Israel launched its offensive on July 8 with the aim of halting rocket attacks by Hamas and its allies. It later ordered a land invasion to find and destroy the warren of Hamas tunnels that criss-crosses the border area. Reuters

As cliché goes, no matter how brave a person is, there will be something that person is most afraid of. As for the ISIS, it is the fear of dying in the hands of an armed female warrior. The Kurdish security forces have banded a group of all women fighters to serve as pivotal weapon against the senseless terrorist group.

Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists are "scared shit" of Kurdish women soldiers because of one fanatic belief that they ruin their chances in the after-life if they die in the hands of an armed female.

Which could be the basis why the brazen ISIS treat as such the women they hold captive, either they treat them as sex slaves or just plain kill them.

Dying at the hand of a woman, moreso an armed woman, is just utterly humiliating for an ISIS member.

"The jihadists don't like fighting women, because if they're killed by a female, they think they won't go to heaven," the Jewish Press quoted one Kurdish woman fighter.

The Wall Street Journal earlier reported more and more female Kurds are signing up to join the military forces and are focused to fight back the radical ISIS, alongside the male warriors.

One such group is the 2nd Peshmerga Battalion, an all women battalion of fighters, who fight with the Turkish PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party). Primarily based in Turkey, the PKK has members spread throughout Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq.

The Kurdish fighting women are now reportedly locating the women who were part of the 3,000 non-Muslim girls and women captured by the ISIS but managed to flee the group.

"Hundreds of heavily armed female Turkish PKK fighters have moved into Northern Iraq to force IS fighters out," the Inquisitr quoted CDN.

Col Nahida Ahmed Rashid, unit commander of the all-female group, said more and more women are enlisting not just to be part of the defense team out to topple ISIS but also to show everyone they have a far better use, that "there's no difference between men and women."

"I believe in a greater cause, which is protecting our families and our cities from the extremists' brutality and dark ideas," PBS News quoted Rashid. "They don't accept having women in leadership positions. They want us to cover ourselves and become housewives to attend to their needs only. They think we have no right to talk and control our lives."

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