Watch: One Direction 'Story Of My Life' Shred Video Goes Viral, What is 'Shredding?' [VIDEO]

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You would believe your eyes but not believe your ears if you watch this version of One Direction's "Story of My Life." The hit song by the most popular boy band has not sounded as awful as it does in this video. The musical chords are all out of place and the vocals are just too bad to listen to even for a few seconds. But before you start making your opinion about your favorite boy band; let's tell you that the boys of One Direction are the latest victims of a "shred" video! Let's find out what this new term "shredding" is.

When a famous musician/boy band gets their popular music video dubbed in by really bad singer, it's called "shredding." Unlike a parody where the music video gets completely transformed ( like Miley's Cyrus' many versions of "Wrecking Ball"), a "shredded" version retains the original music video and only dubs the individual voices of the original singers by really bad and awful sounding non-professionals.

In the case of One Direction's "Story of My Life" shredded version is by a group called SamRick. The music video starts normally in the exactly similar way as the original one does. But you can't help stop laughing when Harry Styles open his mouth to sing or even when Liam Payne gets emotional with his singing!

Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn are all screeching at really nasty high pitched tones and the version is actually quite hilarious. Let's find out how the Directioners are taking this version?

"i'm a hug one direction fan and i kinda hate this but i have to say this was amazing! i laughed my *ss off! soo funny! hahahahahah lmao! hahahahahah i hope they can laugh with me, this isn't mean only funny! ," writes Elisabeth Ivy on YouTube, where the video is posted.

"OMFG this is how they sound to me all the time. It's like someone recorded what I can hear," writes Jay Peny, a One Direction critic.

"Do something about Justin Bieber, I want to see what came of it," writes Alexandra.

Take a look at the music video below and let us know if you find it funny or not. Kendall Jenner, are you listening and laughing too?


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