Watch Miley Cyrus' Love Story with Matt Peterson: Naked Guy with Foam Finger Wants Miley to Go to Prom With Him [VIDEO]

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Matt Peterson is one guy who believes he and Miley have a love story which started few years ago. The student from Phoenix met the "Wrecking Ball" singer twice - once at a radio show when he couldn't stop crying and another time when Miley recognised him at one of her concerts sitting in a crowd. Peterson now thinks it's time to "repay" Miley by giving her the "best night" in her life and has hence asked Miley to go to prom with him.

The cute looking guy has made a YouTube video (which you can view below) that details his journey of meeting Miley Cyrus earlier. Matt reminds Miley of the time when he had met her twice and he could not control his emotions. He confesses to be a big fan of Miley and says he wants to repay Miley for being so nice to him twice when she met him.

"Miley, I have been a fan of yours from the beginning. You've changed my life, and I want to repay you by giving you the best night of your life. In order to do that, allow me to take you to my Prom on May 3, 2014," Matt writes in the description of his video on YouTube, where he is initially dressed up in a T-shirt which reads "Team Miley."

"I promise you, we will have a great time.. and after our first encounter, I won't cry on your dress. I hope you will tell me yes when I'm sitting with roses in the 6th row at your BANGERZ tour in Phoenix on Febuary 27th!," Matt elaborates further and then changes to a formal suit.

But just when he is about to ask Miley for prom, he says, "Something is not right" and the video cuts to a naked Matt who covers up his private parts with the help of a "Foam Finger," which made headlines at Miley's MTV Video Music Awards performance. He has a bunch of roses in his hands and asks Miley to say yes to going on his prom with him. The video doesn't stop here as Matt wants Miley not to bother about dancing as they can instead "grind" at the prom!

The reactions to Matt's prom video have been great. While some people are calling his efforts as "hilarious" other are confident that Miley will say "yes" to his requests. What are your views? View the video below.


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