WATCH Michael Schumacher’s Practice Driving Session with 2015 C-Class Mercedes, Last Interview Before Skiing Accident; Fans’ Tweets of Support Despite News Media’s Absence

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Michael Schumacher is by far the most fruitful Grand Prix driver in the history of the sporting world of racing. He has remained in a medically-induced coma in the neurological intensive care unit of the Grenoble hospital, following his skiing accident. Somehow, the media attention on Schumacher's condition has died, and its absence might be the response to his wife's privacy plea to prevent unnecessary intrusions as their family continues to struggle coping up with the current condition of the seven-time world champion. The disappearance of updates tells a sad story to Schumacher's followers all around the globe.

Schumacher's Practice Driving Sessions with 2015 C-Class Mercedes

In April 2013, Schumacher became the ambassador of Mercedes Benz. He was mainly involved with the "development of the Mercedes Benz safety and comfort systems," as stated on the luxury car's official Web site. When Schumacher retired from racing, he had been reportedly working on "road safety."

A few weeks before the skiing accident, Schumacher tested and drove the 2015 C-Class Mercedes. "This car is full of safety aids, probably more than you get on the easy setting in the Formula One video games," reported. Schumacher was tasked to crash the car but he failed to do so.

Watch the video here.

The prognosis for Schumacher has been concealed by the choice of his clan not to provide consistent updates on his development. It certainly seems disheartening and hopeless, but the fans of the former world champion remain optimistic and continue to pray for his recovery.

Below are some of the tweets on social media.


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