[WATCH] Leonardo DiCaprio And Jonah Hill Recreates Iconic Titanic Scene on Saturday Night Live

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Jonah Hill is the "king of the world" even though Leonardo diCaprio crashes his opening monologue, in a good way, on Saturday Night Live last Jan. 25.

Hill, who hosts the weekly comedy show for the third time, starts his opening monologue by gushing about his Oscar nomination, until the "audience members" (played by SNL cast members) interrupted him with questions about his "The Wolf of Wall Street" co-star.

"Leo, which is short for Leonardo, you know, he's a terrific guy. He's still learning but he's obviously a huge star," Hill responds.

The "audience members" kept on bugging him about DiCaprio and finally revealed that he was not supposed to be part of the film -- that when he called up director Martin Scorsese about getting onboard the project, he asked whether or not to let DiCaprio join in. Scorsese, as Hill recalls, was hesitant to get him into The Wolf; and remarks that they needed a "real actor" like himself.

That is when DiCaprio appeared onstage, coupled with a round of applause from the audience.

"I have a question," DiCaprio began. "What the hell are you doing man?"

Hill stutters as he tries to explains himself, and then finally admits to trying to be a 'big shot' like DiCaprio.

"And what did we say about acting like a big shot in public?" Dicaprio asked.

"We said, like, I shouldn't do it," Hill admitted.

"What should you do instead?"

"Just, like, try to be the best version of me."

DiCaprio tries to ease his buddy's nerves, but then Hill asks him if they could "do the thing that we always did that made me feel safe."

When DiCaprio agreed, Hill stretched his arms like Kate Winslet did in that memorable scene from 'Titanic.'

"I'm flying Jack!" Hill shouted.

"Yes Rose! You're flying," DiCaprio replied.

You're flying, indeed, Jonah!

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