WATCH: If Looks Could Kill! Nicki Minaj Takes a Jab at Aussie Judge Keith Urban; Another Brewing 'Idol' Feud? [VIDEOS/PHOTOS]

American Idol 2013: Australian Singer, Keith Urban Speaks Up on Nicki Minaj’s Tardiness on Idol Season 12


American Idol 2013 judge, Keith Urban has wittingly cracked a joke on fellow Idol’s Nick Minaj’s tardiness in his short appearance at Jay Leno’s ‘The Tonight Show,’ Tuesday night, March 26. This has raised speculations that there’s a brewing feud between the Australian singer and the outrageous Minaj.

As if sensing the tension between Keith and Nicki after Idol’s last week’s episode, Leno asked Nicole Kidman’s hottie husband about his reaction on Nicki’s recorded 45-minute late arrival on Idol set two weeks ago. And Keith was all game about it.

"Or very early for the following night," Keith responded, noting that the situation, albeit nerve-wracking minus one judge, didn’t really get him worked up and nervous. He quipped: "you just roll with it."

But watching Minaj take on Keith last week at the Idol’s vote night, the tardy judge strongly cut off Keith when she didn’t agree with his thoughts on one of the contenders.

Keith didn’t like Devin Vele’z rendition of “Long and Winding Road” in last week’s Beatles’ vote night. He noted that Devin “fails to connect his emotion” to the audience. It was at this point when Nicki was visibly irated with Keith’s thoughts. Check out the video below [from TRT 5:26-6:00]. As can be seen in the video, Nicki Minaj totally disagreed. The singer made sure Keith knew it and the whole America heard her lashing on Keith, too.

Keith Urban: “Here's the thing, Devin, I've been a champion of yours since the very beginning, coz' I love your voice. The only thing, I feel for me now is just a little emotional connecting because you have such an effortlessly ability to perform and your laidback-ness can always creep into a place of not connecting with me and your voice carries you a long way but I need your heart to be in there to engage me as well."

After a brief applause for Keith, the camera panned from Devin back to Keith, capturing Nicki who was still visibly annoyed with the country rock singer. Rolling her eyes, Nicki shot at Keith.

Nicki Minaj: “Goodnight, Keith.. First of all i want to shut out the background vocals...”

Always a gentleman, Keith simply laughed it off. But he sure knows how to express his “own take” on Minaj especially her tardiness on Idol set.

Is Nicki-Mariah over now? Is Keith the new Mariah and Nicki’s “flavor of the month?” Will we see more of Nicki’s erratic and feisty behavior on the judges’ panel? Who will she attack next? Will Randy Jackson her next target?

The IBTimes-AU will have more for you in the coming weeks. Check out the VIDEOS and see how Nicki took a jab on Keith at last week’s Idol vote night.The first clip will provide you a sneak peek at how Nicki lashed at Keith while the second video was how Keith got back at Nicki by cracking a joke on her tardiness. But if you want to see how Nicki "killed" Keith with her looks, START the SLIDESHOW.

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