WATCH HERE! "Sex Dreams" or "Manicure" - Which New Track By Lady Gaga Is Most Talked About? [VIDEO and PHOTOS]

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Lady Gaga has unveiled seven new songs from her upcoming album "ARTPOP" at the Sunday's iTunes festival in London. Out of the seven she performed, "Manicure" and "Sex Dreams" are the ones the singer seems to be promoting much on Twitter and even liked by her fans too.

"Manicure" starts with Lady Gaga getting dressed up in black shiny heels by two female back dancers and then she suddenly starts dancing to a very peppy, catchy number. The lyrics start with something very simple like "Put some, lipstick on/Pefume your neck, and slip your high heels on..." and gets on to something very raunchy.

"Touch me, in the dark/Put your hands all over my body parts/Throw me, on the bed/Squeeze, tease, and please do what I said!"

Gaga surely knows how to grab attention and she danced wonderfully at this number which has already received more than 76000 views on You Tube. Gaga fans are considering this as her comeback song after her hip surgery which forced her to cancel the "Born This Way" tour in February.

"She never looked that beautiful, her voice killed it, the song is phenomenal, ARTPOP's really gonna kill the music industry bitches, Gaga is back, the Queen is back," the user Anys B commented on You Tube.

Singer Adele, who was also present in the audience at the iTunes festival, said that "Manicure" is Gaga's best song. "@ladygaga mermaids for life! Brilliant as always thank you for a wonderful night! #MANiCUREisthebest," Adele tweeted.

Watch "Manicure" here.


Her other song "Sex Dreams" is also the most talked about song from her iTunes performance. The singer gave the sexiest performance at the iTunes festival where she donned a black lacy dress with a thong.

Gaga gyrated her hips and squeezed her bums to the excitement of audience as she danced suggestively to the lyrics that went something like this, "Last night damn, you were in my sex dreams doing really nasty things" and "when I lay in bed in touch myself and think of you."

Watch "Sex Dreams" here.


Some of Lady Gaga's fans however said that she sounds quite like Irish singer Roisin Murphy in the song while others said it reminded them of Madonna's "Like a Prayer."

" Love this song. Yes, it is reminiscent of Roisin Murphy. But really who cares. They're both equally profound artists," said a user A Andres on You Tube.

Listen to both the songs here and tell us which one is your favourite of the two - "Sex Dreams" or "Manicure?"

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