WATCH: Georges St-Pierre New Advert for NOS Energy Drink; No More Sexy Girl Doing the ‘Cat Daddy’ Dance

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Away from the octagon ring, Georges St-Pierre still manages to keep himself busy with a number of his side hustles. St-Pierre has appeared in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier and has been cast in the reboot of mixed martial arts movie Kickboxer. Just recently, St-Pierre's commercial for NOS Energy Drink was unveiled.

"Proud to be part of this hard-hitting @NOSEnergyDrink commercial, make sure you check it out! #youonlyliveNOS," St-Pierre tweeted. Watch it here.

St-Pierre has previously filmed a commercial for NOS Energy Drink. It wasn't his best commercial and he didn't have to do anything except frown at some crazy director who was asking him to do silly things. However, the sexy redhead girl doing the cat daddy dance was an appetizer to male audience.

In the new advertisement, St-Pierre gave the viewers a glimpse of what it was like to be him, making the most of his life, just like the message that the energy drink is trying to put across.

"Earn your belt. Scar by scar. Records, bones, and hearts."

"Stay undefeated from challenges and critics."

"You only have one shot, remember you only live once."

NOS Energy Drink is a subsidiary of Coca-Cola. St-Pierre became its endorser in 2012. It was a multiyear deal for the former welterweight champion, according to a report by

St-Pierre was reportedly delighted having been chosen as the energy drink's ambassador. "I feel privileged," he told MMA Weekly. "It's great we can work together to create a product to best fit the athlete, and with NOS, that's what it's all about."

"I'm very happy to be in the family of Coca-Cola right now and to be associated with the product."

GSP's Comeback

St-Pierre's comeback in the UFC is still anticipated by sport fanatics. He recently had surgery done on his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) after hurting it while training. According to St-Pierre's long time coach Firas Zahabi, as reported by, the Canadian athlete's recent injury could play a huge role for a UFC return.

"I think this injury, because he's going to be away from training for so long, could cause him to want to fight again," said Zahabi.

"When your girlfriend dumps you, you want her more than ever before."

"MMA just kind of put him on the sidelines, and now he probably wants MMA more now than ever before," Zahabi added.

Speaking to The Globe and Mail, St-Pierre said that that his recent surgery shouldn't make him "less strong or less athletic" if he ever decides to step back on the octagon ring. He revealed that he didn't choose to return before 2015.

"I didn't plan to come back to competition before 2015," said St-Pierre.


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