Watch Dogs Update: Nine Versions Headed to Retail, Drops 1080p/60fps Claims

By @binibiningkd on

The Watch Dogs release date is just two weeks away and fans might assume that there won't be new updates coming about the Ubisoft Monreal's upcoming open-world game ahead of its May 27 launch, but lo and behold, an updated listing for the Watch Dogs PS4 version has recently arrived.

Six months after Watch Dogs was originally slated to make its debut, Ubisoft is now prepping for the Watch Dogs release in a number of various regions.

According to Sony's Web site updating listing for the PS4 version of Watch Dogs, the next open-world project will no longer be at 1080p/60fps specs. The changes were spotted by Game Informer, and it quickly spread all over the Internet like a wild fire, aided by the lack of non-Xbox One updates.

On the other hand, PCGamesN claimed that Watch Dogs will be available in nine different packages on its global debut later this month. On its launch, no single region will have all nine packages however; Ubisoft appears to be preparing to release at least five versions of the game in majority of the locations where the game will be available for purchase.

Watch Dogs Season Pass will be available for purchase immediately at launch, which will entitle players to everything from new Watch Dogs single-player campaign and new costumes. The Watch Dogs Season Pass will cost $19.99 at launch and purchase means an additional brand new single-player campaign, access to a second playable character, handful of costumes and weapons inspired by classic mafia movies. Basically, the new costumes will be usable by both Aiden Pearce and T-Bone, who is an in-game ally.

Thus far, rumours suggest that the Watch Dogs will have a remarkable presence at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year, in spite of the fact that it will be already in the shelves for a couple of weeks when the E3 2014 starts. If these rumours will be accurate, the spotlight will be used to try and push the new Watch Dogs campaign covered under the Watch Dogs Season Pass. However, it might be possible that Ubisoft is already planning to reveal its next entry on the Watch Dogs franchise.

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