‘Watch Dogs’ Trailer Reveals Hacking Tutorial; Preorder Options and the PS4 Framerate Detailed

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A new trailer has been released for "Watch Dogs," detailing pretty good outline of the different characters and features that you'll encounter in "Watch Dogs."

"We designed 'Watch_Dogs' to be an incredibly immersive experience, and because of that, there's quite a lot to explore in the game. from the mechanics of hacking, driving, shooting, and navigating Chicago, to the game's unique and enthralling story, 'Watch Dogs' features a seriously deep world," said Michael Madavi, content marketing manager at Ubisoft over at PlayStation Blog.

The "Watch Dogs" 101 Trailer (via YouTube/PlayStation) 

You can see a number of areas for the city of Chicago, as well as a brief background of what to expect, what you can do in each area of the city, and the story of Aiden Pearce.

The 1080p/60FPS is now gone for the PS4 version

After the reported 1080p/60FPS stats that were spotted on the PlayStation.com for "Watch Dogs," the numbers have been taken down from the site.

The original statement where the stats were seen was cited by GameSpot, "Hack everything as you make your way through Chicago's underground as you experience "Watch Dogs" in a way that only PS4 can provide, at 60 frames per second in 1080p."

This can mean one of two things: either that PS4 fans should not expect those particular resolution figures to be present for the PS4 version of "Watch Dogs" or that Ubisoft may not have wanted this revealed before the actual release of the game.

As far as a number of games have been concerned, the PS4 has overtaken the Xbox One in terms of the resolutions for games including "The Witcher 3" and "MGSV: Ground Zeroes," where the PS4 had a notch higher in terms of the figures.

Although it should be noted that industry insider shinobi602 previously reported on the possible resolution gate for "Watch Dogs," way back in February. "Upcoming hacker game, 900p/30FPS XBO, 1080p/30FPS PS4." As seen here, the frames per second are different with the supposed 60FPS, so the previous leak may have been far from the mark as well.

As far as the resolution is concerned, Ubisoft has previously stated that "Watch Dogs" will utilise the PS4's and Xbox One's capabilities.

Overloading on preorder options?

With less than three weeks before the May 27 release date of "Watch Dogs," the preorder options are still coming in. However, it seems that Ubisoft has provided quite a lot of options to preorder "Watch Dogs"--and some might say going overboard is quite an understatement.

In an interesting spreadsheet created by Kotaku, it was documented that "Watch Dogs" has a total of nine kinds of preorders all in all. You have the Standard Edition, the Special Edition, the Vigilante Edition, the Uplay Exclusive edition, the Limited Edition the Dedsec Edition, the Digital Deluxe Edition, the Uplay Deluxe Edition, the Gold version and the Season Pass.

Each of the preorder packs has varying bonuses included, spread out for each of the preordered packs. Now the question is whether or not these preorders are still logical to purchase.

Some may opt for the Season Pass or the Gold version, as these are the ones that are highly connected to the game itself, but if you're the type to get into other merchandise, there are a number that you can choose from. Of course, fans are free to order what they want but the fact remains--parts of the game are being cut up into different chunks to get more money for the game, and this may just be the start of the very extensive ways by which monetisation of games will happen.

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