‘Watch Dogs’ Tips: Understanding the Power of the Hack and How to Use it to Your Advantage

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The Chicago in "Watch Dogs" is like one big circuit ripe for the hacking, and this is what is at the very core of the game. But more than resorting to the easy cheats that other games would normally make available for gamers, "Watch Dogs" also brings the challenge of making use of hacking legally in the game using your wits rather than some hack file roaming in the Internet.

This open-world title pretty much has a system of its own, where even hackers would need to level up and earn XP while unlocking Skill Points to boost your ability even more.

Digital Trends reports that this is one way to learn the trade and acquire skills to use in the game. There are four categories for the skills, namely Combat, Hacking, Driving and Crafted items. As seen in the link above, the source enumerates a number of skills that would come in handy for your first few purchases in skills, most of which would be useful at the start of "Watch Dogs."

Money-wise is All About Spending

Unlike other open-world games--like "GTA V," the game that "Watch Dogs" has been most compared to--money is not such a big issue to hack and obtain. Being the small spender may not do you any good, as you'll be saving money for nothing with all the easy-to-hack NPCs roaming in the game.

Game Informer points out that you don't need to spend too much on particular items in "Watch Dogs" so saving too much won't be beneficial in the long run. Keeping cars and weapons handy are far more important than keeping your own bank account full.

Stalking and Hacking: The perfect Example of How You Deal With It

In fact, the way that people would deal with the situation before them is, in itself, the essence of "Watch Dogs." While it is a stealth game that transforms the smartphone into a weapon, there is by no means a limit to the way you attack the enemy.

Hack attack sample from Ubisoft (via YouTube/Watch Dogs)

An interesting thread via Game FAQs shows this particular kind of gameplay for "Watch Dogs." It's the question of the Hacking and Tailing game modes, which focuses on the seamless multiplayer aspect of "Watch Dogs." Gamers can hack and tail other gamers, and it will be a cat-and-mouse game of hack, hide, seek and survive.

The forum users have discussed a number of ways to deal when you're on either side of the fence--as the hacker or the one being tailed--with a common agreement being that you need to have a good defense when you're being tailed.

"If you're being invaded, don't panic. Search all the cars parked on the sides of the roads in the area to weed out any rookies, and then move on to other areas of interest... Try to flush them out. Remember, their heart is probably pounding. Use their anxiety to your advantage," said forums user Not_Vork.

Some are more aggressive in gameplay, which works just as well. "Every time someone hacks me I whip out the shotgun and just casually stroll the streets sniffing out the culprit... I feel like people should be shouting 'Omars Coming!' Beware, if you hack me, you better bring you're a game. nine people have attempted to hack me since I got the game, all of them died," sad WildGoose2K12.

Others have formed their opinion of Online Tailing. "Online Tailing is ridiculously stacked in the favor of the person being tailed. It's completely trivial to get in a spot that no NPC will go near and has no cameras around. The meter goes up so slow and profiling the tail is instantaneous once you force them to reveal themselves before the timer runs out--you pretty much have to be away from your controller to lose," said pariah23.

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