Watch Dogs Release Date Teased By Ubisoft; Confirmed Delay For Wii U

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Watch Dogs has become the ever-elusive game where people are reduced to hinging on every word from both official and rumored source when it comes to the release date.

Though this time, it may have a pretty good anchor considering it's from publisher Ubisoft. During the announcement of its financial report, Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft CEO, has revealed another timeframe where fans can expect the title.

"[Our] fiscal 2014-15 will see an exceptional games lineup, with the release of five major titles, including Just Dance, The Crew, and Watch Dogs, which is scheduled for release in the first fiscal quarter. Our lineup is also expected to reap the benefits of the return to growth in the console market and the increasingly significant impact of digital gaming," Guillemot said in a statement as quoted by Venture Beat.

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This is now a more specific timeframe, though back in 2013, it was announced that the game will already be out sometime in spring 2014. For this round, it seemed that a possibility that the wait would stretch until summer is hinted at.

The release date was also reaffirmed by Geoff Keighley, journalist, over at his Twitter, "Ubisoft says in earnings release that Watch Dogs is coming [out] between April-June 2014."

Watch Dogs Delayed For Wii U

After so many rumors about Watch Dogs being canceled on Wii U, Ubisoft finally confirmed the status of the game for Nintendo's platform.

According to Videogamer, Ubisoft has at least confirmed the Wii U version for Watch Dogs is at least coming. But Wii U gamers will have to wait "indefinitely" since Ubisoft has not released a specific date or even a timeframe window of release.

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"We made the difficult decision to further delay the release of Watch Dogs on Wii U to focus the team's resources where they could have the broadest possible benefit for both our customers and Ubisoft," a spokesman said to Videogamer.

All of the other platforms that Watch Dogs will release are still coming as scheduled.

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Ubisoft is currently experiencing a rather downtime in terms of sales, with a reduction of 35% according to However, the figure does not count what could have been the sales from Watch Dogs, one of the most anticipated games for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Given that Watch Dogs did avoid colliding with the release dates of other next-gen games for its original predelay schedule in November 2013, Ubisoft may be looking at a good reap once Watch Dogs reaches the public.

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