'Watch Dogs' News: New Videos Introduce Characters and cTOS Gaming; Dev Updates on Wii U Version

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After the long delay, fans of "Watch Dogs" have already marked their calendars for the launch of the awaited game on May 27.

And with less than a month before the date arrives, Ubisoft has teased a new trailer to give fans more information about what to expect for "Watch Dogs" for the PS4 and PS3.

The developer has posted a new trailer via the PlayStation Blog that features the different characters that gamers may encounter as they play "Watch Dogs."

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"Meet Aiden's friends, his enemies and some that blur the line. In a city of over 3 million people, you'd be surprised at how few you can trust," says the narrator in the trailer above.

Not surprisingly, Aiden Pearce is confronted with the daily question most people take for granted in this world: just who exactly are your friends, enemies and frenemies? And of all of them, who can you really trust?

There's Clara Lille, known as a wild card and one whom Aiden feels has the best talent in terms of hacking. T Bone Grady is basically the fire power friend. You also have Jordi Chin, who has an interesting opinion about morals and "moolah"—potentially the main mercenary where players never really know if he's their guy or not.

There are also two other characters Pearce will have connections with, gang leader Anthony "Iraq" Wade and Chicago crime boss Dermot "Lucky" Quinn.

But after watching the trailer, gamers may be hard-pressed to identify who exactly they could call a friend or who they need to keep a close eye on. Either way, it's a world of hacking, awareness and paranoia, to say the least, but "Watch Dogs" is looking to be the exciting game that it promised fans to be.

"Watch Dogs" will be debuting on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC this month. But Wii U users need not fear because the developer has already revealed it's now focused on rolling out the Wii U version of the game.

Design N Trend quotes an interview with Jonathan Morin, creative director for "Watch Dogs," on the reason why it wasn't able to roll out the Wii U at the same time as the other platforms.

"We wanted to finish all the platforms that we are currently shipping," said Morin, as quoted by Design N Trend. "We needed those guys to get [the shipping versions] finished, and the good news now is that they're all fully focused on the Wii U version, making sure it gets the attention it deserves to make it the best version it can be."

Side Missions and Quests Gameplay for Android and iOS Gaming

"Watch Dogs" isn't all about console and PC play, as "Watch Dogs" cTOS app lets gamers keep playing via their iOS or Android device.

Following the trend of companion mobile apps for games, "Watch Dogs" features the cTOS apps, which extends gamers' playing field and gives them a different kind of power when playing against a friend or when they're not in front of their own console or PC.

Gotta Be Mobile has spotted the 8-minute walkthrough gameplay featured by PlayStation which details three ways by which the multiplayer modes (blurred with single player) can be enjoyed, which is basically through Online Hacking Contracts, the cTOS mobile app and the Competitive Decryption Combat.

(Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)

Note that the cTOS is not a game streaming app, but rather an app that gamers can use to challenge console gamers to a battle of wits and hacking. So gamers will basically be playing the villain to their friend's victory as they try to get the police to stop the player and using any means necessary that they can get their hacker's hands on.

In-game messages are also part of the cTOS app for gamers who like to give last words of success (or failure, if they want to issue a challenge, James Bond style).

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