‘Watch Dogs’ News: More on the Always Online Feature, Confirmed 4 GB Requirement and Leaked Map Screenshots

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With barely a week before the release date of "Watch Dogs" finally comes, a few new things and leaks have overtaken the Internet before the title sees retail.

For one, there's new info regarding the online invasion of the game. The online component of "Watch Dogs" can be a fun experience, as the developers have previously explained it will be a seamless transition into the multiplayer mode.

"We don't talk about it ["Watch Dogs"] in terms of single-player and multiplayer. It's all online. It's seamless. You continue your game. That aspect, for me, is crucial because otherwise it's a break in the experience. It all feels like one experience," said lead gameplay designer Danny Belanger over at the Ubisoft Blog.

It seems gamers will now learn what that really means before "Watch Dogs" finally gets released.

(Credit: YouTube/Ubisoft)

Spawnfirst reports gamers may actually be punished, should they opt to turn off the online invasions in the game. Obtaining a screenshot of the game, the report shows disabling the online invasions will make players unavailable for invasion for other players as well as taking away their rights to participate in Online Hacking and Tailing. What's more, their Notoriety and all the Notoriety Skills they have unlocked will be reset and lost, respectively.

While this is a way to keep players engaged in the community, it may not be the most (willingly) compelling on the side of gamers. It brings to mind the same always-online move Xbox One has previously had, which was received with a backlash that forced the policy to be retracted.

Leaked Maps Compared with Los Santos in 'GTA 5'

Apart from gameplay videos and leaks from the various platforms that will release "Watch Dogs," a map of the title has already been leaked and even compared with another open-world game, "GTA 5."

Gamingbolt has obtained the snapshot that gives a glimpse of what to expect for "Watch Dogs." But if that's not enough, it was even overlaid with the map for "GTA 4" and compared to Los Santos from "GTA 5."

Size-wise, gamers can expect to explore quite a massive Chicago for "Watch Dogs." But more than that, and if the leaked gameplay footages are any indication, they can explore most of the nooks and crannies of this city.

It will be even more enjoyable for PC owners to explore "Watch Dogs," as it was just recently confirmed it can run with only 4 GB of RAM. Contrary to what has been announced as a 6 GB of RAM requirement, DSO Gaming has found a tweet from creative director Jonathan Morin who has assured there is no hard lock mechanism that will stop gamers from playing if they only have 4 GB of RAM on their PC.

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