Watch Dogs Launch Celebrated with a Model Photo Shoot Session, Log-in Issues Spotted on Same Day

By @binibiningkd on

The most anticipated new game title from Ubisoft, the "Watch Dogs" finally arrived in stores after months of delay. In celebration of its launch, the developer brought a unique photo shoot alongside the release of the game. 

The photo shoot was done with the model Iga Górecka and it includes a full gallery of photos with various actions shots and glamour shots of hero Aiden Pierce with a signature smartphone in the world of Chicago.

Unfortunately, immediately after the release of "Watch Dogs," a number of players are experiencing issues and problems with the game already, which includes a log-in problem that its creator, Ubisoft, is reportedly aware of.

"We are experiencing issues with the authentication services," a tweet sent out by the official Watch Dogs account, which is spotted by Game Informer reads. "Players may experience long delays when trying to login in-game."

Although the aforementioned reported issues get in the way of online play and use of the mobile gaming app, gamers have been complaining about difficulty to connect to the PC version of the game called Uplay as well.

In response to the issues, Ubisoft issued a statement on its forums that says, "Dear fans, with the release of Watch Dogs we are seeing an exceptional increase of activity. While we have taken many measures to limit the impact to our servers, they are not responding as fast as usual. Rest assured our team is monitoring closely our servers and taking every measures so that our services remain up. Thank you for your patience."

Furthermore, another post on the forum identifies the issues that Ubisoft is currently aware of, which includes crashes for players using the PC version and PS4 pre-orders not properly unlocking. Thus far, there are no solutions for the said issues just yet but Ubisoft is expected to provide additional updates soon.

The "Watch Dogs" was released with a celebratory photo shoot on Tuesday for the new gen consoles namely: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC after being the most pre-ordered game of this new gen consoles at GameStop. 

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