‘Watch Dogs’ Hacks and Tips: Money Cheats, Alternate Costumes and AU/NZ Version Unlockable Content

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With "Watch Dogs" now officially out for the PS4, PC, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360, eager gamers have also listed a couple of hacks and tips on how to get through the game.

This is apart from the Easter Egg found previously, which gives a shout-out to another Ubisoft title, "Assassin's Creed: IV: Black Flag" with the game.

Having been compared to "GTA V" many times, "Watch Dogs" players will also find that cash on hand is a very useful thing, and it's no surprise that money cheats have already been discovered.

Videogames Blogger lists down two ways and easy ways to do this. The first is an official method, announced by Ubisoft, where you need to play the Online Contracts side missions in unlimited times. However, this isn't a free method, as you can collect more cash by purchasing the "Online Contract Cash Boost" Uplay Reward worth 20 Uplay Points.

There's also the "Palace Pack" DLC, where a money multiplayer reward awaits when you hack a bank. The video depicts it all, but this hack is only available for those with the Vigilante, DedSec, Digital Deluxe and GameStop editions of "Watch Dogs."

The ATM Hack trailer for "Watch Dogs" (via YouTube/GamestopVideo)

How to Get Alternate Costumes in "Watch Dogs"

There are a number of alternate costumes that you can unlock throughout "Watch Dogs." Cheat Code Central reports that there are a total of seven unlockable outfits in "Watch Dogs," with two of them available for unlocking when doing a specific task.

This includes the Black Viceroys outfit, which you can obtain the preorder Signature Shot DLC missions and the White Hat Hacker outfit as well as a hacking boost worth one battery slot, once you've completed four PlayStation exclusive missions.

All the others come with a specific "Watch Dogs" edition, as listed below:

- Blume Agent outfit: Unlocked through the "Blume Agent Pre-Order Pack". It gives a weapon boost (greatly reduced recoil).

- Chicago South Club outfit: Unlocked through "The Club Justice Single Player Pack". It gives a driving boost (more hit points to vehicles).

- CyberPunk outfit: Unlocked through "The CyberPunk Single Player Pack". It gives the Cyberpunk gun.

- DedSec outfit: Unlocked through "The DedSec Shadow Single Player Pack". It gives a hacking boost (one battery slot).

- Untouchables outfit: Unlocked through "The Untouchables Pre-Order Pack". It gives the Thompson submachine gun.

Exclusive Content for Australia and New Zealand "Watch Dogs" Version

There's also an exclusive unlockable mission for those who have gotten he Australia/New Zealand version of Ubisoft's latest hacker game.

Over at the Ubisoft support page, the company details the different exclusive content that comes with each "Watch Dogs" version. For the AU/NZ version, you have an additional solo mission, which gives you an extra 15 minutes of gameplay.

The exclusive content also includes the following:

- Untouchables: Tommy Gun, 20's Gangster Outfit

- DEDSEC Shadow: Hacking Boost (+1 Battery Slot), DedSec Outfit

- Club Justice: Driving Boost (More hit points to Vehicles), Chicago South Club

- Breakthrough Pack: Mission and Vehicle Expert Perk (Get free vehicles from your Underground Car Contact and earn discounts on select cars.)

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