Watch Dogs Getting a Sequel or DLC with Jersey Tease; No Aiden Pearce in Next Game

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"Watch Dogs" has already been released for quite some time, and after the hype has finally died down and dwindled away into other games expected for next-gen.

Now, it seems that developer Ubisoft Montreal may be planning even more things for the game, starting with the possibility that the latest teaser may be pertaining to either a location or a setting for upcoming content.

The new information comes from a teased image that Ubisoft has provided, as the message had been tweeted from the official Twitter account of "Watch Dogs."

Videogamer quotes the Tweet, which said, "The city of Camden, New Jersey has the highest crime rate in the US in 2012." There's also an additional caption that said, "Our data indicates surveillance has become more prominent in high-crime areas."

But what's more interesting is Ubisoft's reply when asked if the tweeted data is referring in any way to a DLC: "Coming this Fall!"

According to the report, this could very well be the single-player add-on that was announced earlier by Ubisoft where you can take on the role of T-Bone Grady. But with the lack of any confirmatory details, it can also easily be an entire campaign pack of its own.

'Watch Dogs 2'--Expect Aiden to Not Be There

Even though "Watch Dogs" kept a firm hold of its standing in U.K. charts, its protagonist master hacker Aiden Pearce didn't get a similar hold of its audiences, as fan and reviews of the game have expressed their distaste for its anti-hero. Gaming Trend points out the lack of development for Aiden as a character, which prevents players from making an emotional investment in him as a protagonist.

This may be one of the reasons why, despite sales records shooting off, Ubisoft itself may be thinking twice about Aiden Pearce being in "Watch Dogs 2." Gaming Worm reports that there may be a more interesting character coming for the sequel instead of the stoic and rather stale persona of Aiden.

"[We] knew it would be polarizing; some people loved the characters and some didn't. it was difficult to please everybody with that character," Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said in an interview quoted by Gaming Worm.

"That character" most probably pertains to Aiden Pearce, and more than an interesting character, Ubisoft's main target may be the buildup of the narrative and background of the character, as suggested by reviews of "Watch Dogs."

"Watch Dogs" on the PS4 trailer (Credit: YouTube/Playstation Game Trailers)

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